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Florauna[1] are a species of living plants from the planet Flors Verdance.


Florauna have two arms with four fingers on each hand, and their hands look like they are covered with leaves. Florauna have spikes on his hands and elbows. Their hands and feet are dark green, and their body, arms, legs, and head are lime green. Florauna have vines on their arms, and wrinkles on their stomach, neck, and part of their legs. They have a large yellow-green leaf connected to their neck and torso and has dark green lips. They have one blue eye and a lime green leaf on top of their heads. They also have dark green leaves on their back.


Most Florauna prefer to live peacefully and admire the beauty of their forest, others wake up deadly creatures to race each other to see who can avoid being eaten.

Whenever the Verda World Tree dies it affects all plant life. So the Florauna herd Mushroars so they can spread their pollen to save the World Tree and all plants.

Powers and Abilities[]

Florauna can grow and retract their body. They can also grow vines to trap others, which appear to be their fingers coming off.

Florauna are able grow vines tentacles on their back that be can be used as legs that support their bodies.[2]

Florauna are capable of elasticity and body alteration. He also has enhanced flexibility, agility, and digging.

Florauna can grow seeds on their backs that contain a whole host of substances (lethal and non-lethal). Their seeds can also grow vines and explode.[merch 1]

Florauna are very agile, being able to swing from tree to tree.[3]

Florauna can turn their arms into a large leaf that is able to scoop up dirt.

Florauna possess enhanced strength, being capable of lifting two Ekoplektoids with their vines.[4]

Florauna are able to regenerate their bodies if parts of them are damaged.[3]

Florauna can grow thorns on their bodies and shoot them from their hands as projectiles.[5]

Florauna can create small green pretty flowers by vomiting.[6]


A Florauna's vines can be tangled. They can also be tangled up in their own vines.

Florauna are vulnerable to Molecular Chef's sleeping gas.[3]

Notable Florauna[]

  • Wildvine (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Florauna)
  • Flors Verdance Natives
  • USA Humans transformed in EVO Florauna (temporarily)

Notable Flourauna Hybrids[]



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