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Florauna are a species from the planets Flors Verdance and Xenon.


Florauna are plant-based aliens with four or five legs, a singular eye on their face and one on each shoulder, four-fingered claws and Venus flytrap-shaped flaps covering their heads.

Female Florauna look similar to their male counterparts, but their body is shaped like a dress. Their fly trap is much larger and they have bulb-like hair along with dark lips. They also lack the spikes that male Florauna have on their arms, legs and chest.

A Florauna's color is green at a young age but around their adult years they start to turn brown, just like plants when they start to wither and die or become very old.


Florauna are savage by nature and have little intelligence other than pure instinct.[pop-up 1][1]

Florauna typically live in large colonies.

If any intruders are detected in their colony, the Florauna will not stop attacking them until they capture at least one of them to offer as a meal to the colony's chief.[pop-up 2][pop-up 3][2]

However, Floraunas can be peaceful creatures, like Pax, who is an alien rights activist.


Floruana eat through photosynthesis.[3][4]

Powers and Abilities

Florauna can grow and alter the size of their bodies like real plants but also retract it again at will. They can also grow and extend their arms, legs and fingers into vine-like tentacles to grab and restrain others. They are also extremely flexible due to their plant-like bodies.

A Florauna's vines are strong enough to lift two weights while supporting themselves. They can also increase the size of them.[4]

Florauna can merge with plant life, including Earth trees. They can also change their color in order to camouflage better. They can make body parts, notably their head, appear on the plant they merge with.[5]

Florauna can grow black fruit like pods on their backs that contain a whole host of substances (lethal and non-lethal), allowing them to use them as explosives or smoke bombs, as mentioned above. Their pods can also grow vines.[6]

Florauna can grow skewers on their legs to knock down enemies, as well as grow sharp thorns on their body.[7] They are also highly agile, as they can spin in the air to disperse his fruit bombs, and throw them into the air, basically firing on their enemies.

Florauna possess enhanced strength, as Wildvine was able to trap a Loboan in his tendrils,[1] stop a falling cargo lift from landing on Max and Gwen and hold it for a short time,[8] and easily break rocks with his bare hands.[6]

Florauna are able to regenerate their bodies if any part of it gets damaged, including their head.[9][6]

Florauna are capable of quickly tunneling underground.[6]

Florauna are immune to the effects of gases, such as a flame retardant.[8]

Florauna may be immune to a Vladat's Corrupturas with enough willpower.[DJW 1]

Florauna can tame Gracklflints using their fruits, as demonstrated by Pax.[9]

Florauna can trap people by closing their flytraps, as demonstrated by wild Florauna.[2]

Florauna can grow vines, thorns, fruits or flowers in many different bright colors and variations, depending on the conditions of the environment.


A Florauna's vines can be tangled.[6] They can also be tangled up in their own vines.

Despite their enhanced strength, Florauna can still have difficulty lifting certain objects with their bare hands, such as heavyweights.[4]

A Florauna's vines can be used to throw them around.[7]

If a Florauna stretches themselves too much, their arms will stay stretched and unable to shorten.[8]

Being plant-based aliens, Florauna are vulnerable to fire and cold.

Florauna have a weakness against electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi, as demonstrated with Pax.[10][9]

Florauna are vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite, as demonstrated with Wildvine's genetic donor.[pop-up 4][11]

Notable Florauna

Notable Florauna Hybrids


The name Florauna is based on flora and fauna.



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