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Florauna[1][2] (alternatively spelled as Flourana)[pop-up 1][3] are a species from the planets Flors Verdance[merch 1] and Xenon.[2]


Florauna are humanoid plant-based aliens with four or five tendril legs, four-fingered claws, and three eyes: one on their face and one on each shoulder. Their heads are contained within a large Venus flytrap-like structure around the base of their clavicle. They grow multiple black fruits on their back.

Female Florauna look similar to their male counterparts, but their body is shaped like a dress. Their fly trap is much larger and they have bulb-like hair along with dark lips. They also lack the spikes that male Florauna have on their arms, legs and chest.


Originally, Florauna were said to be savage by nature, and have little intelligence other than pure instinct.[pop-up 1][3] This behavior has been shown to not be absolute as of Omniverse, as Pax is an example of a very social and intelligent Florauna.[4]

The Florauna on Xenon are gathered in a "garden" nest of vines infesting the entrance of Azmuth's compound.[2] If they detected any intruders wandering inside their nest, the Florauna would collectively and indiscriminately attack them[pop-up 2][2] without stopping until at least one member of the invading party was captured.[1] This prisoner would be brought to the tribe's leader as a meal offering.[pop-up 3][2]


Just like real-life plants, Floruanas are autotrophic beings, meaning that they eat through photosynthesis,[5][6] and they need steady exposure to sun and water in order to thrive.[merch 2]

Florauna found on Xenon have the capacity to consume Humans and potentially other beings.[pop-up 3][2]

Powers and Abilities[]

Florauna possess chlorokinesis, which allows them to telepathically interface with plant life, as demonstrated by Kevin's Omniverse Flashback Mutation when he trapped the Tennysons and his own teammates by trapping them in thick vines,[7] and by Negative Wildvine when he used chlorokinesis to wrap several people onto tables.[8]

Florauna can alter parts of their bodies, being able to grow and extend their arms, legs, and fingers into prehensile vine-like tendrils to grab and restrain others. They can also enlarge their flytraps to a size that can fit an entire person.[note 1][2]

Florauna can swing around with great agility,[9] and quickly tunnel underground.[10]

Florauna can grow black fruits[DJ 1] (also referred to as spore pods)[merch 4] on their backs that contain a whole host of substances, allowing them to use the fruits as explosives or smoke bombs. Their fruits can also grow vines.[10] Florauna also can tame Gracklflints using their fruits, as demonstrated by Pax.[11]

Florauna are able to regenerate their bodies if any part of it gets damaged, as demonstrated by Pax.[11]

Florauna can grow sharp thorns on their bodies[12][13] and launch them at their foes.[note 2]

Florauna possess enhanced strength, as Wildvine was able to trap a Loboan in his tendrils,[3] stop a falling cargo lift from landing on Max and Gwen and hold it for a short time,[14] and easily break rocks with his bare hands.[10]

Florauna are immune to the effects of a flame retardant.[14]

Florauna can close their flytraps, as seen during Wildvine's fight with the Werewolf when he dragged him underground.[3] They can also trap people by closing their flytraps, as demonstrated by the Florauna on Xenon.[2]

Florauna are able to communicate with sentient plants.[12]

Florauna are capable of making whips by extruding tendrils out of the palms of their hands.[15]

Florauna can fuse themselves to any terrestrial plant, such as Earth trees.[16][note 3]


A Florauna's vines can be tangled.[10]

If a Florauna stretches themselves too much, their arms will stay stretched and unable to shorten.[14]

Florauna have a weakness against electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi, as demonstrated with Pax.[17][11]

Florauna are vulnerable to being possessed by an Ectonurite, as demonstrated with Wildvine's genetic donor.[pop-up 4][18]

Being plant-based aliens, Florauna are particularly sensitive to extremely cold temperatures. Unless they are given their energy source, they will quickly dry up, wilt, and perish.[merch 2]

Notable Florauna[]

Notable Florauna Hybrids[]

Non-Canon Florauna Hybrids[]


The name Florauna is portmanteau of "flora" and "fauna".


  • Despite being plants, Florauna can produce earwax.[11]
  • Florauna having gender differences is similar to the sexual diversity of many Earth plants, where an individual plant may be denoted as male or female within a single species.


  1. This information comes from the Brazilian Original Series Online Editora Sticker Album from 2009. Translated: "[...] the carnivorous plant grows to such an extent that it can even maintain a person inside it."[merch 3]
  2. This information comes from the Brazilian Original Series Online Editora Sticker Album from 2009. Translated: "He can also stretch any part of his body, as well as launch spikes."[merch 3]
  3. This information comes from the Brazilian Original Series Online Editora Sticker Album from 2009. Translated: "He can also fuse himself to any terrestrial plant."[merch 3]



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