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Florauna are a species of living plants from the planet Flors Verdance.


Floraunas have two arms with four fingers on each hand, and their hands look like they are covered with leaves. Floraunas have spikes on his hands and elbows. Their hands and feet are dark green, and their body, arms, legs, and head are lime green. Floraunas have vines on their arms, and wrinkles on their stomach, neck, and part of their legs. They have a large yellow-green leaf connected to their neck and torso and has dark green lips. They have one blue eye and a lime green leaf on top of their heads. They also have dark green leaves on their back.


Floraunas typically live in large colonies.

If any intruders are detected in their colony, the Florauna will not stop attacking them until they capture at least one of them to offer as a sacrifice to the colony's chief.

It is said that Floraunas are very protective of their land and will attack any plant or animal.

Powers and Abilities

Floraunas can grow any part of their bodies at will, allowing them to stretch their limbs or grow spikes.

Floraunas possess all the adaptive abilities of the plant life they come into contact with.

Depending on the environmental conditions, Floraunas are able to grow vines, thorns, flowers or fruits.

Florauna vines are quite strong, as they are able to lift and throw a Chimera Sui Generis.

Floraunas can regenerate any part of their body, including the head.

Floraunas are able to vomit out sticky flowers.


Florauna's vines can be tangled.

Florauna's vines are not indestructible and can be torn if pulled too much.

Notable Floraunas