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Feedback, formerly known as Plug Man, is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Conductoid from the Teslavorr Nebula and the Dimension 23 equivalent of the DNA sample of the same name.


Feedback's shape is the same as 11 year old Ben's Feedback, but his colors are unknown.

Powers and Abilities

Feedback has the ability to absorb and redirect energy attacks,[CN 1] most commonly electricity. This ability is refined to the point that Feedback can redirect any type of energy and an infinite amount[DR 1] at near point-blank range. He absorbs energy through the plug-like conductors on his antennae, tail, and fingers.

Feedback can absorb energy out of living beings, as seen when his Prime Timeline counterpart battled Argost[1] and Phil in his Terroranchula form.[2][3]

Feedback can absorb a Crystalsapien's ultraviolet beams,[DJW 1] tachyon particles fired from a Tachyon Cannon,[4] the energy of an Annihilargh,[5] and multiversal levels of energy (as long as the energy of these other universes have their basis in the same set of physical laws).[DR 2]

Feedback can use stored energy to generate electrical charges, which can be used as ranged attacks or to empower his punches.[6]

Feedback can fire energy balls by joining his fingers and absorbing the energy out of electric devices.[7]

Feedback has enhanced agility and jumping abilities, and possesses enhanced speed but only while running quickly on electrical power lines.[7]

Feedback can fly by projecting energy behind him like a jet engine.[8][9]

Feedback has enhanced strength, as his Prime Timeline counterpart can punch a boulder apart[6] and charge into a building by busting down a wall with ease.[10]

Feedback is able to stretch the plugs on his head, hips, and hands for more range.[2] He can also "smell" radio signals by using his antennae.[11]

Feedback can levitate, as shown when his Prime Timeline counterpart was about to defeat Maltruant with the energy released by the latter's Annihilargh.[12]

Due to his species being born in a nebula rather than a planet, it is implied that Feedback can survive in the vacuum of space.[OV Brief 1]


Feedback needs to absorb energy from time to time to fight because the energy contained within him will deplete with use.[8]

Feedback's antennae can be easily pulled on, causing him great discomfort and leaving him stuck in place.[10]

Feedback's electric blasts are occasionally ineffective against opponents who can absorb electricity, such as Phil.[2]

Feedback cannot stop himself from shooting his electric energy blasts, meaning he will have to resort to shooting it all up in the air to avoid any collateral damage if he fails to catch his target.[10]



  • In Store 23, Plug Man appeared as a silhouette. When Ben Prime recognized the alien as Feedback, Ben 23 changed this alien's name to "Feedback" in response.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Le Branché
From le, the, and branché, plugged in
From rétroactor, retroractor
Hungarian Dugó-Ember
From dugó, plug, and ember, man
From the original English name
Polish Wtyczkowiec
From wtyczkowiec, plug-in
From the original English name
Portuguese (Br) Homem-Tomada
From homem, man and tomada, plug
From the original English name
Romanian Undă From undă, wave
Russian Штепсель
From штепсель, plug
From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Plug Man
From the original English name; pronounced /'plog 'man/
From the original English name


Since Feedback absorbs energy and then blasts it back, he was named Feedback.

Feedback's original name, Plug Man, is a reference to the character of the same name from the video game Mega Man 9.


  • Despite the fact that he liked the name Ben Prime has given his Conductoid form,[13] Derrick J. Wyatt likes to think that Ben 23 preferred naming this form "Plug Man" in the end.[DJW 2]


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