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Fear Itself is a Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the original series), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 7 of the series.


After hearing rumours and exciting stories about the 'Fear Factory' -a horror/amusement park-, Ben is excited to finally get to go, though Gwen makes clear she's a bit more reluctant.

While going through, Ben is un-phased and disappointed, while Gwen is repeatedly horrified by the creepy animatronics. While this is happening, a fuse catches fire, and without the alarms or sprinklers working, the park's attendants run away in fear.

Ben, attempting to turn into Heatblast to control the fire, transforms instead into Ripjaws, at which point he instantly collapses.

Seeing that there's people Ben is needed for to save, Gwen pushes him into a nearby lake for him to recapture his strength. Once refreshed, Ripjaws puts out the fire with the water, and attempts to reassure a frightened kid, who runs away into the woods at the sight of him.

Ben tries to rescue him again as Stinkfly, but only scares him again. Ben then helps the kid in his human form, taking him back to his mother, safe.



Aliens Used


  • Gwen's lips were visible in a few panels.
  • The cat eyes on Gwen's shirt were yellow instead of light blue in a few panels.
  • A speech bubble is incorrectly linked to Ben, when it should be the animatronic.
  • The sides of the Omnitrix's emblem were white instead of black in one panel.
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