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Eye Guy is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Opticoid from the planet Sightra and the Dimension 23 equivalent of the DNA sample of the same name.[note 1]


Eye Guy is identical to his 16-year-old Prime Timeline counterpart, except his skin is two shades of grey, his pants are black with a blue nightlight, his cuffs are blue, his eyes are light blue, and the Omnitrix symbol worn on his belt is blue with a gold casing.

Powers and Abilities[]

Similar to the compound vision of an insect, Eye Guy's eyes give him 360-degree vision, making it extremely difficult to sneak up on him.[2] The eyes on his hands further allow him to peer around corners or obstacles.[OV Brief 1][3] Furthermore, he can "smell" and see trails of certain chemicals with his eyes, as shown when his Prime Timeline counterpart was able to see the trail of Mr. Baumann's cologne.[4]

Eye Guy has ophthalmokinesis, which allows him to control and alter the many eyes on his body. He can move his eyes across the surface of his body and merge them together to create one bigger eye.[2] By closing all his other eyes,[note 2] he can open his chest eye and further bring it out on a stalk to point it around.[4]

From any of the eyes on his torso, Eye Guy can fire out blue energy beams and they can be fired from multiple eyes at once.[6] They can easily push objects or people far away;[2][3] and are powerful enough to shatter metal[7] and slice trees clean in half, as demonstrated by 12-year-old Mutant Kevin.[3] Eye Guy's chest eye can charge up and fire larger and more powerful beams of super concentrated energy.[OV Brief 1] These beams are capable of shattering Rock Monsters in one shot[8] and, if sustained, can ignite an explosive barrel and overload machinery.[5] He can also stretch his eye out of his chest on a stalk to better aim it towards targets.[4]

The eyes all over Eye Guy's body can each fire a different kind of beam:[OV Brief 1] Besides simple energy beams, he can shoot blasts of colored fire;[9] freeze rays that encase and immobilize a target in ice on contact;[7] bolts of electricity;[5][2] bolts of electricity capable of freezing foes, such as Clancy;[2] and blasts of sticky eye goop.[OV Brief 1]

Eye Guy has enhanced durability, as his Prime Timeline counterpart was able to take punches from the Galactic Gladiator,[10] and an energy blast from the Mutant Giraffe directly to the face.[11]

Eye Guy is capable of performing great acrobatic and gymnastic feats, as well as jumping several feet high.[5][7]

Eye Guy has good reflexes, capable of dodging incoming attacks.[6]

Eye Guy has enhanced hearing.[note 3]


If an irritant such as Gracklflint venom gets in his eyes, Eye Guy's eyes will burn and he will briefly be unable to see clearly. Because he has eyes over the majority of his body, he is more vulnerable to being exposed to and hurt by such irritants.[12]

Certain chemicals can irritate Eye Guy's eyes and cause them to tear up, as demonstrated by his Prime Timeline counterpart's eyes being irritated by Mr. Baumann's cologne.[4]

Eye Guy's multiplied vision can be a weakness to the person transformed as him; if they look at something or someone that they have a fear of, like local news weather ladies,[DJW 1] they will now see many of them and become more frightened than normal.[13]





Season 5[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Polish Oczniak From oczy, eyes
Portuguese (Br) Mega Olhos From Eye Guy's Portuguese name (from mega, mega and olhos, eyes)
Romanian Ochiosul From ochiosul, eyeball
Russian Глазастый From глазастый, big-eyed
Spanish (HA) Chico Ojo From Eye Guy's Latin American name (from ojo, eye; and chico, guy)


  • Eye Guy is the only alien used by both Ben Prime and Ben 23 to share the same name. Feedback does not count because he was originally named "Plug Man".[14]


  1. According to Thomas Perkins, Eye Guy's species was not named during production of the Original Series.[TP 1] Despite this, on July 4, 2009, the page for Ben Prime's version of Eye Guy was edited by anonymous user, claiming that he was an Opticoid from the planet Sightra. The page for Opticoids was later created on September 14, 2009 by another anonymous user, and the page for Sightra was created on October 19, 2009 by a user named The Ultimate Necrofriggian. No source for Opticoid or Sightra was provided in any of these instances, and they were not mentioned in any official media or merchandise. However, in FusionFall, released in 2009, Eye Guy was mentioned as being a Scleran.[FusionFall 1] The master brief for Omniverse would later call Eye Guy an Opticoid from the planet Sightra,[OV Brief 1] thus canonizing them as his species and planet, respectively.[1]
  2. In the Original Series, Eye Guy was able to freely fire both charged and uncharged beams from his chest eye without needing to close his other eyes; the only exception being when he brought the eye out on a stalk.[5] As of Omniverse, Eye Guy always closes his eyes whenever firing from his chest eye.
  3. This information comes from the Brazilian Ben 10: Ultimate Alien Online Editora Sticker Album. Translated: "My hearing is also super developed."[merch 1]



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