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Exo-Skull is a cybernetically enhanced rhino/human hybrid created by Dr. Animo who has fought Ben 10,000 before. He is also one of Maltruant's henchmen.


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Exo-Skull is a humanoid grey rhinoceros with orange eyes, dark grey fingers and toes, and red and black armor.

In Omniverse, his horn is longer, his fingers are recolored black, and the black parts of his armor are recolored grey.


Exo-Skull seems to be surprisingly intelligent, even though he likes to skip the fancy stuff and focus on smashing things.

Exo-Skull respects his girlfriend, Subdora's need for artistic expression and is really supportive with her. However, when she was constantly failing to get the Orb of Pooma Poonkoo, he took over control of the operation.

Exo-Skull holds a deep grudge towards Ben Tennyson.


Ben 10

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In Ben 10,000, Exo-Skull mistook young Ben as XLR8 for his future self and attacked him, but was soon after easily defeated by the older Ben as XLR8.


Exo-Skull reappeared in Special Delivery, where he was seen attending Psyphon's auction in order to obtain the Dwarf Star.

In Fight at the Museum, Exo-Skull and Subdora are hired to steal a valuable artifact for Maltruant. Exo-Skull gives Subdora two chances to steal the artifact through her "artistic" methods. However, after she was thwarted a second time by Ben Tennyson and his associates, Exo-Skull insisted on doing things his way. He launched a devastating attack on the museum where the artifact was stored, and continued to pose a threat despite being immobilized by Gravattack. Eventually, he and Subdora escape with their prize and met with Maltruant to deliver it.

In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1, Exo-Skull and Subdora rob an emporium and are confronted by Ben and Ben 23. Though they manage to escape, the Bens follow them to the warehouse where Maltruant is hiding. During their second battle, Maltruant'sCchrono cog is activated, and they are all transported to Mad Ben's Dimension. A short while after, they battle with the Bens once more over Maltruant's key. Both Exo-Skull and Subdora are defeated by the Clockwork/Techno-Bubble combination but are pulled away by Maltruant after he is reunited with his key.

In Let's Do the Time War Again, Exo-Skull and Subdora attack Ben and Rook, keeping them busy while Eon steals a pair of Time Beast eggs.

In Secret of Dos Santos, he follows Ben, Rook, and Kai as they enter the Temple of the Sky. After the trio discoversMaltruant's mainspring, Exo-Skull attacks them. He is defeated, but both he and the mainspring are pulled away by Maltruant.

In The End of an Era, he infiltrates Plumber Headquarters and steals the dwarf star from Argit, using its power to demolish his Techadons. When the present-day Ben and Rook are brought in to help, Whampire manages to defeat Exo-Skull by ramming into him with a Diamondhead-based helmet.

He and Subdora are ultimately abandoned by Maltruant as he travels back to the beginning of the universe, and are most likely taken into custody.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Blasts
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Corruptura Immunity
  • Jet Boosters
  • Dwarf Star

Exo-Skull has enhanced strength and endurance due to his large size and cyborg form. He is strong enough to overpower Four Arms and Rath, and easily smash through walls. He even can destroy some of Argit's Techadons, even without the Dwarf Star in his possession.

Exo-Skull can shoot energy blasts and nets out of his horn.

Exo-Skull is immune to Whampire's hypnosis and electricity.


Exo-Skull has two jet boosters attached to his back.

Exo-Skull's armor can withstand Corruptura-based mind control.


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Exo-Skull can be immobilzed by Gravattack's gravity powers, though he can still shoot energy blasts while being kept in place.

Despite his durability, when Subdora was under Whampire's control, her teeth and claws were strong enough to rip and scratch Exo-Skull's armor, causing him great discomfort.

If something gets stuck in his horn while he is preparing to shoot, such as The Worst, this will cause an explosion.


Ben 10

Season 3

Ben 10: Omniverse

Season 3

Season 7

Season 8

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Exo-Crânio From crânio, skull


Exo-Skull's name is based on the word exoskeleton, replacing skeleton with skull.


  • Exo-Skull is one of Animo's "Interspecies Gang" - criminal or animal hybrids who Ben will fight many times in the future.[1][2]


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