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Evolved Sonorosians (also known as Sonorosian Ultim)[merch 1] are the evolved counterparts of the Sonorosian species.


Like Sonorosians, evolved Sonorosians are blue humanoids which appear to be mechanical rather than being made of silicon.[DJW 1] They are also equipped with devices known as Sonic Disks, which are used as their offensive weapons.

Powers and Abilities[]

Evolved Sonorosians can release sonic waves from the Sonic Disks on their bodies. These sound waves are powerful enough to shatter steel,[merch 2] throw Ultimate Kevin through several buildings at once,[1] heavily damage a Petrosapien,[2] paralyze an Opticoid,[3] and temporarily contain a blast from a Nuclear Fusion Grenade.[4]

Evolved Sonorosians can create force fields out of sonic waves that are strong enough to block Petrosapien crystal shards.[1] Evolved Sonorosians can also release sonic screams like their devolved counterparts, as demonstrated by the Sentient Ultimate Echo Echo.[3]

Evolved Sonorosians can fly and levitate by using sound waves.[5][6][merch 2]

Evolved Sonorosians possess enhanced strength, enough for Ultimate Echo Echo to briefly help Kevin hold open a door in the temple on Mikd'lty.[5]

Evolved Sonorosians are durable enough to withstand being thrown through the walls of Ben's house[7] and getting smacked by a To'kustar, as demonstrated by the sentient Ultimate Echo Echo.[2]

Evolved Sonorosians can survive and use their powers in the vacuum of space.[4]

Evolved Sonorosians are immune to low temperatures, like those on Mikd'lty.[5]


Evolved Sonorosians can send out the Sonic Disks on their body to project powerful sonic blasts, which can easily knock out their opponents, destroy projectiles or even a military tank.[1] Evolved Sonorosians can also multiply the Sonic Disks once they have separated from their bodies, creating as many as needed.[1]

Evolved Sonorosians can use their Sonic Disks to use an exceedingly deadly move that Ultimate Echo Echo calls: "Sonic Doom", where his disks surround the enemy and fire full sonic blasts. This move was powerful enough to subdue Ultimate Kevin.[1]


Like their devolved counterparts, Evolved Sonorosians are vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Gimlinopithecus.[3] Evolved Sonorosians also will feel pain if their sonic disks are damaged, demonstrated when Negative Ultimate Echo Echo's disks were electrocuted.[3]

An Evolved Sonorosians' skin is somewhat metallic, which means they can be easily magnetized by a Biot-savartian.[1]

Evolved Sonorosians can be suffocated if a large amount of matter enters their lungs.[7]

Like their regular counterparts, Evolved Sonorosians can also unintentionally hurt their teammates' ears with their sonic vibrations, as demonstrated with the sentient Ultimate Echo Echo.[2]

Unlike their devolved counterparts, Evolved Sonorosians do not have the ability to duplicate themselves.[note 1]

Notable Evolved Sonorosians[]

Notable Evolved Sonorosian Hybrids[]


"Sonorosian" is a play on sonic and sonar.


  • The Ultimate Alien Database on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Power Struggle DVD incorrectly claims that their homeworld is Sonorosia Ultim, despite the species being artificial.[merch 1]


  1. Various statements made by the crew offer contradictory accounts whether Ultimate Echo Echo retains his devolved counterpart's self-duplication abilities.
    • During Ultimate Alien' run, a bio for Ultimate Echo Echo featured on Cartoon Network's website stated that Ultimate Echo Echo could self-duplicate.[CN 1] However, Dwayne McDuffie doubted that Ultimate Echo Echo possessed this ability.[DM 1]
    • Derrick J. Wyatt thought that Ultimate Echo Echo's Sonic Disks could detach from him and then a body would drop down from the disk so he could duplicate by transforming rather than copying. This is why he redesigned Ultimate Echo Echo's disks in Omniverse to resemble his head, only to later find out he could not duplicate.[DJW 2]
      • In Derrick's opinion, Ultimate Echo Echo can duplicate in Omniverse[DJW 3] despite being unable to display the power on-screen.[DJW 4] He also explained his inability to do so in Ultimate Alien as being due to a glitch with the Ultimatrix.[DJW 5]



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