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Evolved Necrofriggians (also known as Necrofriggian Ultim)[merch 1] are the evolved counterparts of the Necrofriggian species.


Evolved Necrofriggians have a red and black body with red spots on their arms and legs, a red torso and red eyes. They have three pointed fingers and a thumb on each hand and two toes on each foot and a third toe-like extension on their ankles.

An evolved Necrofriggian's wings and antennae have a flame design.

Powers and Abilities[]

Evolved Necrofriggians are capable of breathing "ice flames", which Ultimate Big Chill describes as "fire so cold it burns".[1] These flames are plasma beams that consume the heat of whatever they touch.[DM 1][MW 1] Evolved Necrofriggians can also shoot said ice flames from their hands.[2]

Evolved Necrofriggians' breath and beams are both stronger and colder than their devolved counterparts, capable of instantly turning the air around him and his enemies into solid ice.[2][3] Evolved Necrofriggians can also use their ice flames to make ice constructs, which also make their surroundings extremely cold and cause snowfall.[4] Additionally, Evolved Necrofriggians can create vortexes of their ice flames by generating an ice flame trail and quickly flying around their opponent.[2]

Evolved Necrofriggians retain their devolved counterparts' abilities of fast flight and intangibility.[3] They can also turn fully invisible.[merch 2]

Evolved Necrofriggians can cause opponents and objects to freeze by phasing through them if they choose to.[2]

Evolved Necrofriggians have enhanced strength, as demonstrated by Sentient Ultimate Big Chill.[5] Evolved Necrofriggians are durable enough to survive getting smacked by a To'kustar, as demonstrated by Sentient Ultimate Big Chill.[5]

Like their devolved counterparts, Evolved Necrofriggians can also survive underwater.[3]


VTS (279)

Electricity Vulnerability

Like their devolved counterparts, Evolved Necrofriggians are vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Transylian.[6]

Notable Evolved Necrofriggians[]

Notable Evolved Necrofriggian Hybrids[]


The word Necrofriggian comes from "necro", meaning dead and "frigid", meaning very cold.


  • An evolved Necrofriggian's voice is gravellier than a regular Necrofriggian's, having a deeper tone behind it.
  • The Ultimate Alien Database on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Power Struggle DVD incorrectly claims that their homeworld is Kylmyys Ultim, despite the species being artificial.[merch 1]



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