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Evolved Methanosians are the evolved counterparts of Methanosians.


Evolved Methanosians appear more like a humanoid tree, instead of a walking plant.

Evolved Methanosians have petrified wooden skin, blue gooey shells that contain their face, and an organic blue colored gel-like solution of napalm.

Powers and Abilities

Evolved Methanosians can ignite napalm in their arms to generate blue-colored flames. These flames are about three times hotter than a regular Methanosian's, as they can melt through a brick wall[1] and blast apart a Petrosapien's shard projectiles, the latter of which was demonstrated by Sentient Ultimate Swampfire.[2]

Evolved Methanosians can produce a larger and stronger blast of fire when they put their hands together. They can also propel themselves underwater and in the air, the former further indicating that they can breathe underwater.[3]

Evolved Methanosians are more resistant to damage than their devolved counterparts.

Evolved Methanosians have lethal fire bombs on their arms which they can throw as weapons.

Evolved Methanosians can shoot blue projectiles from their hands that can multiply into small blue gas bombs that explode on impact.[3]

Evolved Methanosians retain their devolved counterparts' abilities to generate seeds and vines.

Evolved Methanosians seem to be a lot faster than they look, as seen when Ultimate Swampfire snuck up behind Eon so fast that he was unable to notice him.[4]


Evolved Methanosians are vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by an Amperi.[1][5]

Like other organic beings, evolved Methanosians vulnerable to being aged to dust by the time rays of a Chronosapien or a Chronian.[4]

Unlike Methanosians, evolved Methanosians can not regenerate. However, Matt Wayne thinks otherwise, as he believes it is a trait that natural selection would favor.[MW 1]

Notable Evolved Methanosians

Notable Evolved Methanosian Hybrids

Video Games

In the Cosmic Destruction, an evolved Methanosian's fire bombs can home in on their target like missiles, shoot a stream of fire from both hands, and make a small fire explosion by punching the ground.


The name Methanosian is a play on methane.


Matt Wayne

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