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Evolved Galvan are the evolved counterparts of the Galvan species.


Evolved Galvan have huge heads, with their brain pushing outwards. They have noticeably small arms and legs, and as such require a hovercraft just to move and support their head.

Evolved Galvan have a third eye in the middle of their head. Like normal Galvan, evolved Galvan eyelids close horizontally and from both sides of the eye.

Only a male evolved Galvan has been seen, so it's unknown what female evolved Galvan look like.

Powers and Abilities

  • Energy Beams
  • Force Field Generation
  • Enhanced Durability
  • Flight (via Hovercraft)

Evolved Galvans possess high intelligence, even greater than their devolved counterparts. Because of their evolved intelligence, evolved Galvans can predict multiple scenarios and plan for each one.

Evolved Galvans can fire a powerful energy beam from their third eye. These beams are powerful enough to defeat an Opticoid, a Perk Gourmand, and a Polymorph in one shot.[1] They can also release energy pulses from their minds.

Evolved Galvans possess some telekinetic ability,[2] as Ultimate Albedo once lifted Ben and the others up in the air with his mind.

Like a regular Galvan, evolved Galvans have sharp teeth. They are also capable of making forcefields.


Using their hovercraft, evolved Galvans can fly.


  • Vulnerability to Gravakinesis
  • Overwhelmed Intelligence
  • Overpowered

Due to the size of their head in comparison to their limbs, Evolved Galvans are completely dependent on their hovercraft for supporting themselves.

Evolved Galvans are vulnerable to gravity-based attacks.[2]

Notable Evolved Galvan


The name Galvan is a play on the word "galvanization" which is a process used to prevent iron from rusting.


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