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Evolved Arachnichimps (also known as Arachnichimp Ultim)[merch 1] are the evolved counterparts of the Arachnichimp species.


Evolved Arachnichimps have a large gorilla body with purple skin and black fur.

Evolved Arachnichimps lack a normal Arachnichimp's tail and extra pair of arms, but they get replaced with two pairs of retractable spider legs that can fold into their waist.

Evolved Arachnichimps have six eyes with no pupils.

Only male evolved Arachnichimps have been seen, so it's unknown what female evolved Arachnichimps look like.

Powers and Abilities[]

By splitting their lower jaws into two halves, Evolved Arachnichimps can shoot webs from their mouths, much more than their devolved counterparts can shoot from their tails. Their webs are strong enough to keep a Vaxasaurian,[1] an Orishan,[2] and a Gimlinopithecus from escaping.[3]

Evolved Arachnichimps can use their webbing to create web constructs, such as a web net.[4] They can also create enough webbing to make a soft cushion to land on if falling.[5]

Evolved Arachnichimps are much stronger than their devolved counterparts, being strong enough to overpower and take down a Tetramand.[6]

Evolved Arachnichimps are extremely durable, as Negative Ultimate Spidermonkey was able to survive Atomix's Nuclear Winner[7] and take a punch from a Tetramand.[6] Also, considering that Ultimate Spidermonkey once fell from space down to Earth, Evolved Arachnichimps are resistant to radiation and extreme heat, as he was completely unharmed after falling through the atmosphere.[5]

Evolved Arachnichimps are highly agile, and they can jump extremely high.[7][8]

Evolved Arachnichimps are capable of climbing walls, much like their devolved counterparts.[4] They also have prehensile feet.[8]

In Ultimate Alien, Evolved Arachnichimps' spider legs could pull things and break them almost like they were using their hands. They could also fold their spider legs into their waists, and attack with the tips of their legs, as they were sharp enough to pierce a concrete wall.[8]


An evolved Arachnichimp's webs can be torn apart by species as strong as Anodites[9] or dissolved by nuclear energy from members of Atomix's species.[7]

Evolved Arachnichimps can be put to sleep by Argit's quills.[6]

Notable Evolved Arachnichimps[]

Notable Evolved Arachnichimp Hybrids[]


Arachnichimp is made of two words "arachnid", a class of joint-legged invertebrate animals, which spiders are in, referring to his web powers, and "chimpanzee", a type of monkey, referring to his appearance(despite the fact he doesn't ressemble a chimpanzee, which their regular counterparts do).


  • The Ultimate Alien Database on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Escape from Aggregor DVD incorrectly claims that their homeworld is Aranhascimmia Ultim, despite the species being artificial.[merch 1]



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