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Evil Way Big is Albedo's unnamed device's DNA sample of a To'kustar in Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction.


Evil Way Big looks similar to Way Big but with the red parts being blue and the white parts being grey with the exception of his palms, fingers and face. He has red eyes, and large red and copper-colored device on his chest, covering the area where the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix symbol would be.

Powers and Abilities[]

Evil Way Big can shoot a powerful cosmic ray by crossing his arms in an "L" shape, with his right forearm vertical and left forearm horizontal in front of it and the thumb edge of his hands facing his body. His cosmic rays are powerful enough to destroy a planet.

Evil Way Big can create cosmic explosions.

Additionally, Evil Way Big is able to manipulate cosmic storms, allowing him to generate lightning and vortexes.

Evil Way Big is also able to levitate using cosmic storms.

Evil Way Big is very strong, being able to lift and toss a full-sized Humungousaur into the ocean.

Evil Way Big has great durability, being able to withstand a cosmic ray from a Potis Altiare-enhanced Way Big.

Evil Way Big can jump very high.

Evil Way Big can survive in space.


Being a To'kustar, Evil Way Big has same weaknesses as Way Big.


Cosmic Destruction[]

Evil Way Big was roughly first seen inside a cosmic storm after blowing up Plumber ships that had been sent to investigate the cosmic storm, before blowing up a planet near Earth's solar system with a cosmic ray. Psyphon appeared and said that it was now too late for humans to discover life on the planet that Evil Way Big had just destroyed, so they got into a short discussion about whether Pluto was a planet or not. Later in the game, Evil Way Big reached Earth and attacked Tokyo, then told Ben to hand over the Potis Altiare to him or Earth would be destroyed. When Ben turned into a full-sized Humungousaur, Evil Way Big grabbed his tail threw him into a nearby lake. The Potis Altiare attached itself to the Ultimatrix. Ben then became Way Big, who defeated him and sent his evil counterpart flying to the moon.

Afterwards, it was shown that the Evil Way Big was actually Albedo, who revealed a small device in his left hand that he had used to transform. He threw it to the ground, stood up and ranted about how he had spent a year and a day alone in a cosmic storm, incubating one single molecule of To'kustar DNA he had managed to salvage back when he blew up the Omnitrix and left him for dead, referring to the events of The Final Battle: Part 2. Just then, he turned around to find Lu who wanted revenge for destroying the top of his nearby base while he was Evil Way Big.


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