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Freaky Gwen Ben

  • In one frame, the Omnitrix was not fully drawn.
  • In two frames, the logo on Gwen's shirt was missing.

Take 10

  • In the scene where Ben and Gwen are trying to find where the Bug Gang went, a hole in Ben's shirt is briefly seen inside the '10' through which the background can be seen.

Growing Pains

  • In the scene where the baby security officer crawls by, Max incorrectly refers to the baby as a male.
  • In multiple scenes, Four Arms didn't have the black stripe on his back.
  • Before Four Arms tossed Gwen up to the roof, the henchmen were seen with multiple babies on them, despite the fact Four Arms only threw three at them.

Animo Farm

  • During a close-up of Stinkfly carrying a kid, Stinkfly's antennas were missing.

Clown College

  • In two different scenes, Grandpa Max's eyebrows are grey. The 1st one was with the barbecue at the beginning of the episode. The 2nd one was when Stinkfly was able to snap him, Gwen and his teammates out of Zombozo's hypnotic gas.
  • When Stinkfly is about to Fly off, His Omnitrix Symbol is miscolored.

Ben 24hrs

  • In the last scene of Grandpa Max carrying the kids to the Rustbucket, Gwen's undershirt was missing.

Riding the Storm Out

  • In the first scenes that show Gust-O in his normal form, his feet are gray when they should be black.

Adventures in Babysitting

  • In one scene where Ben and Gwen are looking at Max, the Omnitrix hourglass symbol is colored gray and the background of the symbol is colored green.

Steam is the Word

Need for Speed

  • After Overflow took LaGrange into custody, his lower chest is red instead of grey.

Cutting Corners

  • When Ben trips, a shadow appears below him before the ground can be seen.

Villain Time

  • When Gwen said "Where's Ben?" her undershirt is missing.

The Beast Inside

  • In one scene, Ben's head was way bigger compared to his body.

Bright Lights, Black Hearts

  • In the scene where Michael is talking to his fans, the sweater is not properly colored.
  • In one scene, the sky above Michael had black writing on it. The first word is illegible, but the second word is "sky."
  • For one frame, Michael did not have a mouth.

Recipe for Disaster

  • The credits for the episode are the same as the credits in Villain Time.
  • The Cartoon Cartoons jingle from the 1999 Cartoon Network Productions ripple logo is played over the 2016 exploding boxes logo.

All Wet

  • In one scene, Gwen is seen fist bumping Heatblast, yet her fist was not burned.

Don't Let the Bass Drop

  • When Ben lands after transforming into Four Arms, the black stripe on his shirt under the Omnitrix briefly isn't colored.

Drive You Crazy

  • In the HBO Max cast list for this episode in the description, J.B. Blanc is credited as LaGrange instead of David Kaye.

Hole in 10

  • In one frame, Grey Matter's pants was colored grey instead of green.

Scared Silly

  • In one scene, Upgrade's Omnitrix symbol was missing.
  • When Ben was about to transform into Wildvine, he glowed green before he hit his Omnitrix. Additionally, the Omnitrix screen did not change into its hourglass mode.


Max to the Max

  • When Gwen pulls the hook from the Rustbucket, another hook appears, still attached to the vehicle.


  • When Upgrade was climbing up the tower, Zombozo's collar was red instead of black.

Don't Laze Me, Bro

  • When Billy is Talking to his Robots, Four Arms eyes are miscolored.
  • For a second, After Cannonbolt's transformation sequence, the Green on the side of his Ball form is missing.

Omni-Tricked: Part 1

  • The background music was louder in the scene when Gax was climbing Mount Megalodon.
  • In one scene, the white stripe on Gax's back was missing.

Omni-Tricked: Part 2

  • When Kraab and XLR8 are grappling, in one scene Kraab has two hands and no claw.

Omni-Tricked: Part 3

  • For a single frame before the Omnitrix starts bleeping near the start of the episode, the '10' on Ben's shirt disappears.
  • In the forest fire scene, when Ben transforms into Stinkfly, the middle stripes on his legs are colored turquoise when they're supposed to be dark blue.
  • After the meteorite crashed in the forest, in several scenes, Gax's left glove was missing.
  • When Vilgax pulls Wildvine out from underground, for a split-second, Wildvine's boots are missing.

Omni-Tricked: Part 4

  • Despite stating being unable to return to his human form until later in the episode, Ben is seen (as a human) in the opening shot of the episode.
  • Gwen was briefly shown wearing two oven mittens after she threw one of them off earlier.

Out to Launch

  • In the scene in which Captain Betts McCabe manages to stabilize the flight after Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead fixes the wing with his crystals, the wing appears whole as if nothing had happened to it.

Can I Keep It?

  • During the shot of the Rustbucket after Animo is revealed, the left headlight flicks to the left briefly.

Battle at Biggie Box

  • Simon's backpack needed only one battery to function despite Ben having two batteries with him after he tells Gwen that he removed them from Simon's backpack in Adventures in Babysitting.
  • When Simon is between Ben and Billy, his shirt is completely red, and his sleeves should be yellow.
  • When the Omnitrix dial pops up, the core colors are inverted.


  • Gax's tentacles are seen, despite his DNA being removed from the Omnitrix in Omni-Tricked: Part 3.
  • The credits for the episode are the missing credits from Forgeti.
    • This has since been fixed.

Mayhem in Mascot

  • When Ben is coming close to Yawk and yells, Incoming!, his mouth doesn't move.

The 11th Alien: Part 2

  • When Ben times out from Diamondhead, his Omnitrix is green, despite just timing out.

High Stress Express

  • Before Ben transforms into XLR8, the Omnitrix symbol is white instead of green.

Creature Feature

  • When Omni-Enhanced XLR8 went on top of the big lamp and was talking, you could see that on his hand he had three claws.
  • During Omni-Enhanced XLR8's Transformation sequence, The Omnitrix reverts into season 1 version.

The Nature of Things

  • In the scene after Ben timed out from being Omni-Enhanced Heatblast, the Omnitrix dial was white.
  • Diamondhead's body was cut off when he ran ahead.

Assault on Pancake Palace

  • In one scene when Ben was about to transform, his eye appeared above his hand.
  • When Omni-Enhanced Grey Matter asked Maurice if he would come quietly, his mouth does not move.

Safari Sa'Bad

Bomzobo Lives

  • Max's driver's license says "Max Tennyson", but it should be "Maxwell" as Max is a nickname.

That's The Stuff

  • When Grey Matter in the "spaceship" pushed the lever, his right sleeve end was grey instead of black.

The Sound and the Furry


  • When Ben was running to the mine, his head got covered by a blue square.

Bounty Ball

  • Once Omni-Enhanced XLR8 finished pushing the train and was waiting for Max and Gwen, he has three claws.
  • In the scene when Tetrax Shard was fighting SixSix on the floor, SixSix's glove was missing in several scenes.
  • In the scene where Ben climbs onto the top of the train, Ben's head momentarily disappears.
  • In the battle between Shock Rock and the bounty hunters, one scene showed the train going towards the junction from one path. But after Shock Rock changed the points, the train arrived at the junction from a completely different angle.

The Charm Offensive

  • Likely because her design had not been drawn yet, the hem of Charmcaster's dress shown at the end of Bright Lights, Black Hearts is blue, like how it was before Charmcaster became magical, whereas in this episode's flashback, Charmcaster is already magical in this moment and thus has a purple dress.
  • In two scenes, Charmcaster didn't have lipstick.

Super-Villain Team-Up

The Feels

  • In one scene, the back of Ben's shirt was completely green.

Double Hex

  • When the eagles are done attacking Hex, Omni-Enhanced Stinkfly shoots goo from his shoulders, though he shouldn't have this ability, because of the Fulmini armor blocking the goo from coming out.

Past Aliens Present

  • In one scene, Steam Smythe's tongue is white.

Ben Again and Again

  • When Ben threw a rock on Vilgax's drone, the Omnitrix had green tubes.
    • The same error is seen when Pirate Ben fights with Pirate Billy.

Innervasion Part 2: Call the Dream Police

Innervasion Part 3: Strange Bedfellows

  • The Fulmini portal briefly turns purple, indicating that the Fulmini arriving at the time is High Override. However, High Override does not arrive until the next episode.

Innervasion Part 4: Mind Over Alien Matter

  • In one scene, Glitch's fingertips are black, not purple.

Innervasion Part 5: High Override

  • During a close-up of Shock Rock, an Omnitrix symbol can be seen, despite him being inside the Omnitrix.
  • The aliens DNA inside the DNA Pods are constantly changing their position.
  • In one scene, Max and Gwen appear in alien form despite previously reverting.

Rath of Con

  • In two different frames, Rath's body was cut off.
  • When Ben took off his hat, it somehow disappears in the next frame.

Forever Road

  • LaGrange's name is misspelled La Grange in the episode description.

King of the Castle

  • When Ben was asking how he got into the maze while Kevin is talking, the band at the bottom of the Omnitrix was miscolored.
  • When Four Arms was stuck in Dark Matter's crystals, his Omnitrix wasn't visible, but when Kevin timed out, his Omnitrix symbol appears again.

Don't Touch

  • In one scene, when Ben is telling Gwen and Grandpa about his fight with Forever Knight, his Omnitrix arrow-like activation button is yellow, instead of Green.


  • When Crystfalfist was about to jummp in the air, the bottom of the background was not fully drawn.
  • When Humungousaur destroyed Crystalfist's diamonds, his neck spikes were missing.

Show Don't Tell

  • When Ben times out from Humungousaur, both the timeout noise and flash can be heard/seen twice.
  • When Hex was building the rock giant, the magic-controlled civilians did not had red eyes.

Cyber Slammers

  • In the opening when Gwen walks over to Ben, his Omnitrix was missing.

And Xingo Was His Name-O

  • After Xingo says "Welcome to My World!", Ben's right arm was cut off.

The Night Ben Tennyson Came to Town

  • In one frame, Ben did not have eyes.
  • In one scene, Sally's eyes were black instead of blue.

The Claws of the Cat

  • When Gwen's trainer gives her the first cord she earned, she puts it on, but in the next scene, it's Completely gone from her waist.

Big in Japan

  • in one scene, the Omnitrix was not drawn correctly on Ben's wrist & he had any extra finger.

Prey or Play

  • When Ben times out from XLR8, his Omnitrix is still in active mode.
  • When Ben de-transforms from Four Arms, his Omnitrix is in active mode.

Fear in the Family

  • When Ben was holding the snail, its head was pointing to Ben's right, but after its close-up, the snail is pointing to Ben's left.

Roundabout: Part 1

  • In one scene, Phil's tongue was colored white.

Roundabout: Part 2

  • In one scene, Thornblade's hands were Green, instead of black.

Wheels of Fortune

  • Quad Smack doesn't wear the Sumo Slammers shirt.
  • When Rush's transformation sequence finishes, the Antitrix symbol colour inverts.

A Sticky Situation

  • In one frame, the fingercuffs on Ben's fingers was missing.
  • In one frame, Hot Shot's arm was cut off.

Steam Fight at the OK Corral

  • At first, Ben had one water gun, but when he transformed into Four Arms he somehow had four.
  • In one scene, Ben's Omnitrix was missing.

Ben in Rome, Part 1: A Slice of Life

  • In one scene when Ben looks at the Omnitrix, the rim is completely white.
  • In one scene, Ben's eyes were miscolored.
  • Before Ben is about to transform into Shock Rock, He transformed, despite not touching the Omnitrix.

Summer Breakers

  • During Omni-Kix Four Arms transformation, Four Arms thumb briefly clips through his armor.

The Monsters in Your Head

  • Bashmouth grabbed Ben with his left hand, but in the next scene he was holding him in his right hand.

Tokyo Fun, Part 1: Big Bugg Bash

  • During Omni-Kix Heatblast's transformation sequence, he is shown possessing his upper pipes early on, however, seconds later both his upper and lower pipes are shown being spawned from his backpack.

Tokyo Fun, Part 2: Slamming It Up

  • In the scene when the Polar Twins were inside the police car, both suits were red.

Bottomless Ben

  • In one scene, Kevin's Antitrix face dial pops up.

Queen of Bees

  • During Omni-Kix XLR8's transformation sequence, his tail is not armored.

The Greatest Lake

  • Before Ben transforms into Omni-Kix Cannonbolt, his right sleeve is missing for a few seconds.

Growing Up Is Hard to Do

  • For a couple frames, Kevin's Antitrix faceplate puts up.

Mock 10

  • In one scene, Kevin's Antitrix was on his right wrist instead of his left.
  • In one scene, when Skunkmoth and Jetray bail from the Sonitrain, Jetray's back had missing stripes.
  • Jetray and Skunkmoth constantly switched places when holding onto the Sonitrain.
  • During Omni-Kix XLR8's transformation sequence, his tail is not armored, The same error occurred from Queen of Bees and Sound Of Speed.

Digital Quality

  • When Gwen is explaining what ASMR is to Grandpa max, she said "sleep" without opening her mouth.
  • In one scene, Kevin was cut off.
  • When Ben transforms into Shock Rock and tells Kevin to hand over his CD, his mouth does not open.
  • Kevin's Antitrix constantly changes places on his wrist.
  • In one scene, the rim of the Omnitrix was white.

Tim Buk-TV

  • Alligator is misspelled as "aligator".

Mud on the Run

  • In some scenes, Ben was seen wearing his regular green jeans instead of his blue shorts.
  • In one scene, Ben's left leg had a layering error.
  • In some scenes, Jetray's forehead was black instead of red.

Chicken In Chichen Itza, Part 1: Pyramid Scheme

  • In one scene, Four Arms' Omnitrix symbol was inverted.

Chicken In Chichen Itza, Part 2: The Wages of Fear

Party Poopers

  • When Zombozo goes to get the child's lollipop, the sleeve was of his original outfit instead of the red coat he was wearing during the beginning of the episode.

Wind Some, Lose Some

  • After the wind turbine hit Ben, the Weatherhead, who was in the video conference and asked what happened, was wearing an orange tie, meaning that he is Shock-O. Hail-O clearly said that Shock-O just took care of Tennyson, but it is actually supposed to be Gust-O in the video conference, since Shock-O never contacted the others yet and was far away from the control tower.

The Hex Factor

  • During the scene where Ben and Gwen are sitting outside the magic club, when the club is affected by Hex's magic, for a brief moment, the entrance stairs are overlapping Gwen's legs.

Medieval Upheaval

  • In one frame, Ben had two mouths.
  • In one frame, Gwen had a layering error.
  • When Gwen instructed Cannonbolt to go Omni-Kix, he has his shell armor plating on his palm.

Tummy Ache

  • When Ben turns into Omni-Kix Four Arms, the Omnitrix briefly returns to it's Season 3 counterpart. The sequence looks like it was used from Summer Breakers.
  • When Four Arms transforms into Omni-Kix Four Arms, his Omnitrix twists by itself.

Players of the Lost Park

  • Before Ben turns into Rath, he is gone for 3 seconds.


  • In two scenes, Rath's Omnitrix symbol was rotated sideways.
  • During his transformation sequence, Rath's hair didn't had an outline and Omni-Kix Rath was not wearing his laser tag outfit.


  • In one scene, the white squares of the Omnitrix was colored black.
  • During Omni-Kix Heatblast's transformation sequence, snapping sounds can heard despite the fact the latter never used his fingers.

Ben 10,010

  • When Ben 10,000 turns into Buzzshock, the green plate is on the left-side of his head instead in the center.
  • When Ben 10,000 is telling young Ben about his Surge transformation, for a split second, he has three arms.
  • When Ben 10,000 as Four Arms was attacking Surge, whom he thought was the species themselves, for a split second, his beard was missing.
  • Young Ben transformed into Diamondhead without hitting the Omnitrix core.
  • When Ben 10,000 and Ben transformed together, neither of their Omnitrix cores popped up.
  • When Ben 10,000 and Ben transformed together, the transformation sequence showed Ben 10,000's left arm being covered by circuits twice.
  • When Ben 10,000 as Surge was talking to Present Ben as Surge, in the next scene the Omnitrix symbol on them were corner side.
  • Before young Ben entered the time portal, his Omnitrix was missing.

Ben Gen 10

  • In one scene after Rex made the Omnnitrix malfunction, the Omnitrix core resembled its appearance from season 1.
  • The Omnitrix was timed In after the family transformed Into aliens, but when Ben was behind Six's back, the Omnitrix is red again.
  • Jetray is seen throwing Gwen as Four Arms into the water, but she is suddenly seen on land in the next scene.
  • When Providence runs from the people transformed into aliens, The next scene, Jetray's lower chest stripe is gold/dark yellow instead of yellow.
  • In one scene, Four Arms upper black stripe disappears.
  • When Ben was about to transform into Four Arms while running, his shoes had green lines.

Alien X-Tinction

  • When Maximilian's Ben as Four Arms was knocked down by Alien X, his shirt was briefly colored white.
    • During the same flashback, Maximillian screamed "Benjamin!" during the day, despite the fact Alien X killed Ben at night.
  • In two scenes, Reboot Ben had the same Omnitrix as Dimension 12041.5.
  • In the shot when Ben shouts "Ah! What the whaaaaaaaat?!" at Maximilian, his number "10" on his shirt is missing.
  • When Alien Force Ben first appears, his Omnitrix is missing.
  • Ultimate Alien Ben's Ultimatrix is drawn backwards throughout the special.
  • In one scene, Reboot Ben has his Omnitrix on when Big Chill saved him, even though Alien X stole it.
  • When Ultimate Alien Ben showed off his Ultimatrix to Alien Force Ben, the blue square on his Ultimatrix was missing.
  • When Alien Force Ben transforms into Chromastone, his hologram doesn't show up.
    • In same scene, Alien Force Ben's Omnitrix's core doesn't pop up.
  • When Omniverse Ben arrived through the portal, the green ten on his jacket was missing.
  • In one scene, Big Chill had a white Omnitrix symbol.
  • Gwen 10 as Ripjaws did not have a noticeable Omnitrix symbol.
  • When Ben asked Alien X which Ben he was referring to, he can be seen with his Omnitrix even though Alien X stole it.
  • When Original Series Ben activates his Omnitrix first time, the core does not pop up.
  • When Omniverse Ben first activates his Omnitrix, the square faceplate pops up as part of the core instead of sliding upwards to reveal the core.
  • When Bloxx transformed into a dome, he was multi-colored, however in another scene, his dome was all red.
  • In the close-up shot during the group transformation, Ultimate Alien Ben's jeans are colored green instead of blue.
  • When all of the alternate Omnitrix users transform, Ultimate Alien Ben, Original Series Ben, and Gwen 10's Omnitrixes don't pop up.
  • When Bloxx rolled towards Team Tennyson, for one frame his body was cut off.
  • In some scenes, original series Heatblast looks like his reboot counterpart.
  • After Team Tennyson defeated Alien X, Ripjaw's waist stripe was missing.
  • When Alien Force Ben congratulates Ben on saving the Omniverse, Ultimate Alien Ben and Alien Force Ben both have the same Omnitrix.
  • When Gwenless Ben detransforms, his Omnitrix is still green.
  • When Ultimate Alien Ben activates his Ultimatrix first Time, Ultimatrix's core doesn't pop up.