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Rules of Engagement Return to Forever Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51 The Most Dangerous Game Show


The More Things Change: Part 1

  • In some scenes during the battle between Four Arms and Malware, Four Arms didn't have the black stripe on his back.
  • When Four Arms hits Malware with a tree, the Omnitrix briefly appears in his right shoulder instead of his left.
  • When young Ben was trying to activate the Omnitrix after Malware deactivated it, it had the activation button on the wrong side.
  • When Feedback was about to blast Malware his fingers are square instead of circle.
  • In the beginning of the episode there was a big wildfire, but in the next scene it was gone.
  • When Ben was talking to Mr. Baumann a sandwich table for a short time appears.
  • In some scenes, Cannonbolt is shown without his back shell.
  • In one scene, Liam was missing his comb.
  • After Ben transforms to Bloxx, he made two cracks on the ground with his fists. When he tells to Rook to switch places the cracks disappear.
  • When Rook launched a net out of the Proto-Tool it caught Bubble Helmet, Liam and Fistina, they were laying flat but on the next scene it showed them they were on their sides.

The More Things Change: Part 2

  • The colors of the Omnitrix symbol are interchanged in three scenes:
    • In the scene where NRG, Liam and Rook are shown looking at the train.
    • In the scene where Water Hazard is talking to Rook.
    • In the scene where Terraspin and Rook are looking at aliens.
  • In one scene, the top of Water Hazard's chest is red instead of grey.
  • While Terraspin and Rook were chasing Bubble Helmet, the Omnitrix symbol was colored black.
  • In one scene, Terraspin looks bigger than usual.
  • In the scene after the one in which Rook says "Ben behind you", the metal circle on Armodrillo's head is yellow instead of silver.
  • In one scene, the Omnitrix's dial is missing from Ben's wrist.

A Jolt from the Past

  • Inside, young Ben had a smoothie on him. When he went out, the smoothie disappeared.
  • In many scenes, the Nosedeenians' backs don't have the positive and/or negative symbol.
  • When young Ben was about to transform into Feedback, the button to activate the Omnitrix was on both sides.
  • When Rook says that he hopes "the real Ben Tennyson lives up to the legends", his mouth does not move.
  • Rook believes that Alien X is only a legend, but in Andreas' Fault Alien X is seen on a Mr. Smoothie cup.
  • When Ben is selecting Big Chill the hologram interface didn't disappear after the Omnitrix's core opened up.
  • When Ben was hoping to transform into XLR8, Humungousaur was on the hologram.
  • Clockwork was missing the black stripes and the keyhole on his back.
  • When the containment device is first shown, it had no Nosedeenians, but in the next scene it was full of them. This error is seen many times.
  • When Bloxx smashed the ground, he is shown falling for a while, then smashing the ground, but Ben and Rook were only a few feet from the ground. Also, when he does fall, one of his feet is missing.
  • When Bloxx grabbed Hoodlum before he could shock Rook, the line on his hand was colored red instead of black.
  • When Ben said "shutting you down isn't one of them" the Omnitrix symbol on Rook's Proto-Tool was all green and didn't have the hourglass symbol on it. This error is also seen when the Megawhatts attack Rook.
  • In one scene Gravattack's Omnitrix symbol is on the side of his head.
  • In the scene where Rook gets shot and Gravattack talks to him, the side of the Omnitrix symbol is the color of Gravattack's skin instead of grey.
  • The subtitles name Gravattack "Graviton", his concept name.
  • Ben selects Four Arms. When the camera view changed, it shows Ben's selected alien is now Bloxx.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies

  • After Alien X transformed back into Ben, Argit's design was incomplete.
  • In one scene, Ben's T-shirt from behind the jacket is completely green.

It Was Them

  • In one scene, the sole of Diamondhead's feet was black instead of green.
  • In one scene, Echo Echo's right eye doesn't have its black outline.
  • In the scene, where Rook splashes goo on Ben's face, the Omnitrix symbol on the Proto-Tool is disproportionate.
  • When Ben and Rook are behind Dr. Animo and Ben calls him, the Ant goo was not on Ben and Rook's body.
  • In one scene, Rath's torso was orange instead of white. His neck was also orange in another scene.
  • At the ending scene, in one shot in the truck where Ben is talking to Rook, the Omnitrix is missing.
  • Arctiguana is mistakenly in the credits when he didn't appear at all.

Trouble Helix

  • In one scene where Malware's corrupted life code forced the Omnitrix to time out and Feedback to revert back into Ben, the sound of 16 year old Ben's Omnitrix can be heard.
  • In one shot, Malware's hands where covered with yellow instead of being all black.
  • In some scenes, Four Arms didn't have the stripe on his back.
  • The activation button of the Omnitrix appears on both sides of the dial. This error is seen many times.
  • The back of Gwen's shirt is completely colored dark blue instead of pale blue.
  • 11 year old Cannonbolt's Omnitrix symbol is never on his forehead; instead, it is always on his chest.
  • When Malware shot Cannonbolt, his back didn't have armor.

Hot Stretch

  • In a scene, Crashhopper's Omnitrix symbol had the same green as Crashhopper's skin.
  • Gravattack is shorter than usual.
  • Arctiguana is drawn with five exposed teeth instead of four.
  • In a scene, the 10 on Ben's shirt is colored black.
  • Arctiguana is not in the credits.

Have I Got a Deal for You

Of Predators and Prey: Part 1

  • When Wildmutt tackles Buglizard, he roars without his mouth moving.
  • Tentacle Vendor was seen standing in a booth.
  • When Ben is about to slam the Omnitrix to transform into Crashhopper, the faceplate on the Omnitrix is sideways instead of straight.
  • Young Ben was credited at the end of the episode, even though he didn't appear.
  • In one scene, when Armodrillo lifts Mucilator, the grey on his head is yellow.

Of Predators and Prey: Part 2

  • In one scene, 11 year old Stinkfly had nine stripes instead of four.
  • When Rook came to save Ben by shocking Khyber, the Omnitrix symbol on his Proto-Tool was all green.
  • When Stinkfly transformed back into Ben, his Omnitrix symbol was grey like the Original instead of white.
  • In the scene where Crashhopper was fighting Buglizard, Buglizard's face is entirely black. When it cuts back to her, the white parts on her face are black.
  • Throughout most of the episode, the circle on Rook's back was all black.
  • When Ben was fighting Zed just before he asked the Omnitrix to surprise him, the corners of the faceplate were white instead of black.

Many Happy Returns

  • After Madison is saved, her hairclip disappears.
  • Before Rath, Gwen and Kevin escape the burning house, Rath's jaw is orange.
  • When Kevin is looking at Rook's truck, when Ben says "Um, Kevin", his mouth doesn't move.
  • In one scene, Bloxx has red eyebrows.
  • In one scene, Gwen's shirt was shorter and resembles the shirt that she wears as an Anodite.
  • In one scene, XLR8's Omnitrix symbol is missing.
  • The blur XLR8 creates while he runs, looks like what his 11-year old self creates.
  • When Ben interrupts the ceremony, a part of Looma's left chest armor is colored red instead of black.
  • When Looma lifts Clockwork, his chest design is all dark green.

Gone Fishin'

  • In one scene, Ripjaws's belt was not green.
  • Rath's eyebrows appear to be shorter than usual.
  • Stinkfly is mistakenly in the credits when he didn't appear at all.


  • When the camera pans out to see the entire room, Zed is gone.
  • When Khyber and Malware recovered from Dr. Psychobos' attack, Malware's eye was full red.
  • In one scene, The Worst's eyebrows are gone.
  • In one scene when Bubble Helmet was fighting the Plumbers, he had pupils, even though he didn't before.
  • When Bubble Helmet transformed back, he did not have his helmet on but did not have a hard time breathing.

Blukic and Driba Go to Mr. Smoothy's

  • After Blukic and Driba rewired the Mouse Minions to attack each other, when they were attacking each other there was one mouse with a closed head. However, since Blukic and Driba rewired them, all of their heads should have been opened.


  • When Ben and Rook enter the Olde Bellwood Days, the sign says Olde Belwood Days.
  • In the flashbacks, the Rust Bucket has blue and red stripes in some scenes and brown stripes in others.
  • In the flashback, immediately before Ben selects XLR8, the button on the Omnitrix is on the wrong side.
    • In the same scene when Ben activates the Omnitrix, the dial doesn't open up only the core.
  • In one scene, Big Chill's Omnitrix is not drawn.
    • Also in that scene, the Omnitrix's core angle is off. It's upright when it should be somewhat tilted on its right (otherwise, some of the core would be visible when the dial isn't popped up).
  • When the Omnitrix times out and XLR8 reverts back into Ben, 16-year old Ben's Omnitrix time-out is heard.
  • When Big Chill and Hypnotick reached Billions Tower, the Nemesis Tower was not next to it.

Bros in Space

  • While Rook chased the Muroids around the house he pulled out his Proto-Tool, but when the scene changed it was on his back, and after that he was holding it again.
  • In multiple scenes, Shocksquatch's fists were yellow instead of their usual grey.

Arrested Development

  • Humungousaur's size is inconsistent.
  • When Billy wakes up, Ben's sneakers are entirely white.
  • When young Ben transforms into Diamondhead, Diamondhead's face is briefly seen on his chest.
  • In one scene, the portal is not visible.

Rules of Engagement

  • When XLR8 was running, his Omnitrix symbol is missing.
  • When Armodrillo was tickling Looma with his drill, the grey on his head was yellow.
  • In one scene, the green ten on the Tenn-Speed was black.
  • In one scene, Looma's ship, Tenn-Speed, and the car are in different positions.
  • During the second fight scene with Looma, Rook didn't have his Proto-Tool with him. Right as Ben and Fistina pulled up to his house on the Tenn-Speed, Rook had the Proto-Tool with him.
  • When Armodrillo and Rook were running towards Looma, Armodrillo had no tail.

Showdown: Part 1

  • It was said that Patty Berkenfeld from third grade was Ben's first crush. This contradicts what Gwen said in Ben 10: Alien Swarm about Elena being Ben's first crush.
  • In one shot before Ben puts his arms behind his head, the Omnitrix was missing from his arm.
  • For a brief moment when Humungousaur steps on a display, his briefs disappear. His sash and Omnitrix have also shifted, being off center and closer to his right shoulder.
  • In one scene, the Nemetrix is completely white on Tyrannopede.
  • When Omnivoracious is about to swallow Azmuth, her left is cut off due to a rendering error.
  • When Vicetopus let go of Dr. Psychobos, the tip of her tentacle was the same color as Dr. Psychobos pincer.
  • During the flashback right as Ben enters the Rust Bucket, to the left, a log, a campfire, and rocks can be seen. In that shot, the log is furthest to the right. In the next scene right after Malware blasts the Rustbucket, the log is now between the campfire and the rocks.
  • In the aforementioned scene, 11-year-old Ben appears to be colored identically to his 16-year-old self, with a black shirt and brown pants instead of the usual white and black shirt and olive-colored pants.

Showdown: Part 2

  • When NRG, Rook, and Azmuth landed after destroying the rocks, the handle on NRG's top was missing.
  • Right as Ben pointed to Azmuth saying "Seriously? You're the smartest guy in three galaxies," the Omnitrix was missing from his arm.
  • In one scene, Max's eyes were not in the correct order.
  • In one scene, Max's eyes didn't match.
  • While the team was in the Proto-TRUK, Rook had the Proto-Tool on his shoulder, even though it had already been absorbed by Malware.
  • Before Ben and Kevin dropped from the Proto-TRUK, Azmuth was missing.
  • When Ben and Kevin fell, Kevin had no hair on his chin.
  • When Malware knocked down Way Big the red in his face was white.
  • In most of the battle between Malware and Way Big, Way Big's lower eyes were completely grey instead of being green at the bottom
  • At one point during the flashback with Ben and Azmuth, Azmuth's feelers are missing on his head.
  • When Feedback appeared from Malware's head, his fingers were round instead of cubed.
  • When Feedback was looking at Malware, his back had a green stripe.


  • Right during the scene where the Chupacabras are attacking Mr. Baumann's store, a jar containing Aldebaran Beidafangs can be seen on the counter. However, the jar suddenly disappears when a Chupacabra was on its spot. After Mr. Baumann grabbed Ben to prevent him from using the Omnitrix, the jar reappears in its spot.
  • The closed captions refer to Heatblast as Heatwave.
  • XLR8 and Cannonbolt appear in the end credits.

Tummy Trouble

  • When Ben was about to transform into Jetray, the Omnitrix buckle of the seatbelt in Proto-TRUK was in front of his right hand.
  • When Big Chill was in the Proto-TRUK, his seatbelt was missing.
  • When the Murk Gourmands were on the Incursean ship rescuing the Queen, one of the Gourmands had green eyes instead of yellow.
  • In the scene when the Gourmands and Attea are in the Proto-TRUK, two Gourmands temporarily have Omnitrix symbols.
  • Throughout most of the episode, Sergeant Cookmeister was wearing a medal with five spots on it. In one scene where Sergeant Cast Iron was standing beside Rook, his medal only had three spots on it.
  • In Ben 4 Good Buddy, it is shown that Perks cannot have real food such as meat and burgers, however, when the Cookmeister said "stake the Gourmands!", all of the Gourmands, including the Perks, misheard it as steak and showed expressions as if they wanted to eat it.

Store 23

  • In one scene Feedback had plugs on his hips, but in the next scene, they're gone.
  • While Chicken Alien is facing the counter to order, there is an emblem on the rhombus where his two sashes meet. While he is walking towards the door, the emblem disappears. It reappears while he and the Cow Alien are being sucked through the pinwheel aurora.
  • When Ben is peering through the window to see Blarney T. Hokestar, his head is smaller than usual.
  • While Ben 23 wears the Omnitrix on his left wrist, the billboard for the Secret of the Hero Watch movie featured the watch on his right wrist.
  • After the bomb detonates, Ben Prime's Omnitrix is not drawn correctly.

Vilgax Must Croak

  • At one point Attea's eyes are white instead of the normal yellow color.
  • Vilgax said that he "would have perished with the rest of them" if he had been blasted into space. That is untrue, he said himself that he could survive space for a short period of time, and he survived getting blasted into space for a long period of time in the original series.
  • When Molly Gunther shows Ben the hologram that reveals what happened to Vilgax, her hair was different and in the next scene, it was normal.

Ben Again

  • When Diamondhead was fighting Eon, the sky was yellow instead of blue for an instant.
  • When 16 year old Ben (in 11 year old Ben's body) had transformed into Ditto, the Omnitrix dial didn't pop up despite making the sound of doing so.
  • In the scene where all of the Ditto clones are gathered, one of the clones is missing a bump on his wrist, while another is missing one on his shoulder.
  • When Gwen, Rook and 11 year old Ben are talking in Rook's truck, Rook's mouth disappears for a moment.
  • When Ben, Gwen and Rook were running away from Pakmar's shop, the board of the shop read "Packmar's Fine Teas".
  • In one scene, the Omnitrix had the prototype faceplate.
  • When 16 year old Ben (in 11 year old Ben's body) transformed into Clockwork, the sides of the Omnitrix symbol is gold instead of silver.
  • 11 year old Arctiguana (in 16 year old Ben's body) said "I finally got an alien I know how to use" to Gwen, even though he had already used Diamondhead and Wildmutt.

Special Delivery

  • Thunderpig's symbol on his belt was not there in one scene.
  • When Way Big knocks Dr. Animo with a truck the sky's color is different.
  • When 15 year old Ben transforms into Big Chill, his Omnitrix makes the sound that usually comes from his current Omnitrix instead of the prototype Omnitrix's sound.
  • After Mr. Baumann puts on Ben's hat, and the screen pans out, Ben's Omnitrix is not there.
  • Ben's ten symbol on his shirt was black instead of white while he was chasing the Kraaho.
  • Humungousaur had inverse colors on his Omnitrix symbol.


  • Eye Guys's sight from his perspective was as if his eyes were clumped together on the body of a small creature. A view of all over the room should have been visible from his perspective.
  • While the Incurseans are running away from the Gracklflint after it is let free, one is not wearing his helmet while the other three are. In the next scene, when they confront Rad, all four are wearing their helmets. In the following scene where they are running from Rad's blaster, the one that was originally not wearing his helmet is no longer wearing his helmet again (while the other three are).

While You Were Away

The Frogs of War: Part 1

  • In the scene where the aliens were flying out of Undertown, there was a man behind the policewoman and he wore a red jacket. In the next shot after the police women screamed "aliens," the man's jacket is now green.
  • When the Incursean ships are seen flying towards Earth while Milleous attempts to make an announcement to the planet, the hexagonal shield is not visible.
  • When Snare-oh was falling, he stretched his arms into small bandage-like tentacles. In the next scene, he instead stretched his arm.
  • When Max began to give orders to the Plumbers, Molly Gunther was behind a hologram with the Alpha Squad's suit, but in the next scene she was beside Ben with her normal Plumber Suit.
  • When Ben fell from the Incursean ship, Rook says he flailed his arms. He did not do this in the premiere, he just started to tap his Omnitrix, but in the CartoonNetwork Clip he did do so.
  • Terraspin appears in the end credits.

The Frogs of War: Part 2

  • When Bullfrag is speaking to an Incursean, the latter is drawn with four fingers on each hand.
  • In one scene, Gwen's stockings were missing.
  • For a split second the top of Way Big's head was white.
  • While Ben is talking to Milleous, Attea's hands are cuffed in front of her. When she picks the lock, they are behind her back.
  • While Attea is talking to the team in few scenes, Dr. Psychobos and Milleous are not shown.
  • Zed is credited when she didn't appear at all.
    • According to Derrick J. Wyatt, she was supposed to appear. However, her scene was cut due to time restraints.

Food Around the Corner

The Ultimate Heist

O Mother, Where Art Thou?

  • In one scene, Octagon's red overall doesn't have black color.
  • Before Bloxx transforms back into Ben, his face was yellow.
  • Right as Ben was taking his cell phone from Rook, the Omnitrix was missing from his arm.
  • When the Pretty Boy throws the Dittos, the side of their faces are green.
  • When Ma Vreedle throws Ditto at Rook, the side of his face is green.
  • After the Vreedles reveal their plan to Rook, the side of his face is black.

Max's Monster

  • When Feedback is seen getting ready to fight Phil, the back of his collar is black. Also, the portion of his body that should be green is now white.
  • After Terroranchula Phil escaped from Undertown, Max's black shirt is gone.
  • When Ben wanted transform into Feedback but he transformed into Frankenstrike instead, the symbol he selects is Four Arms instead of Feedback.
  • Rook's armor rims are blue when he is reminding Ben about Buzzshock's abilities
  • In one scene, Buzzshock's Omnitrix rim and his bolts on his arms are green.

Evil's Encore

  • For a second while rubbing his head after misusing the central eye blast on the roof of the Rust Bucket, Eye Guy's mouth was gone.
  • When Eye Guy is lying on the floor of the Rust Bucket, his belt, his hand-cuffs and the circles were of his 16 year old's.
  • Wildvine's chest was miscolored for a moment.

Return to Forever

  • The subtitles refer to Snare-oh as Benmummy, his old name.
  • In Will Harangue's reflection in the mirror, the eye on his shoulder is on his wrong shoulder.

Mud Is Thicker Than Water

  • When XLR8 gives Magister Patelliday the keys, Patelliday has four fingers in his left hand.
  • When XLR8 is chasing the criminals, his chest is briefly white like 11 year old XLR8's.
  • During the scene where Astrodactyl battled the Pickaxe Alien in the air, his Omnitrix was the same color as the sky for a moment.
  • Stick Doug had two arms instead of four.

OTTO Motives

  • In one scene, the inside of Eatle's mouth is incorrectly colored.
  • For a split second after Ben transforms into Upgrade, the palms of his hands are miscolored black, as opposed to their wide-spanning green.

A Fistful of Brains

For a Few Brains More

  • In the ending of the last episode, Albedo was in Galvan form, held by Rook, facing towards Azmuth. In the beginning of this episode, he is Ultimate Albedo and next to Khyber.
  • In one scene when Azmuth was trapped within a machine, Azmuth's black cloth is gone.
  • In one scene, Ultimate Arctiguana has two plates that are the color of his skin instead of one.
  • While Gravattack is talking to Ultimate Albedo, his Omnitrix symbol is in his skin color instead of white.
  • When Upchuck eats Crabdozer and turns to talk to Khyber, Khyber appears to be outside the cage.
  • When Upchuck's about to eat Crabdozer, Crabdozer's Nemetrix's faceplate is green instead of red.
  • When Ultimate Spidermonkey falls down after Atomix beat him, he has four fingers on each hand instead of three.
  • Ben states that the ”old Omnitrix” gave him the right alien practically every time, however, in both Alien Force, and in the Original Series, he got the incorrect alien a majority of the time rather than every once in a while as Ben puts it.

Something Zombozo This Way Comes

  • When Jerry nods at Ben and Max, his pupils and eyes are black.
  • Upgrade's back was green instead of black in two scenes.
  • When Frankenstrike fought off the Zombie Clowns, the lower part of his face is entirely of the same color, rather than his lower left being lighter than the right.

Mystery, Incorporeal

  • Just as Ben was talking to Gwen that he wanted to attend her college, a food truck can be seen. However, just as Kevin and Zed arrived, the food truck was missing.
  • When three of the students went to Ben, Ben was seen eating a sandwich. The next moment, the sandwich was not there.
  • In one scene Rook's right ear is black.
  • Darkstar appeared to have been using mana twice in this episode.
  • When Darkstar drains Margie, her far hand does not shrivel.

Bengeance Is Mine

  • In a moment when Rook and Ben walked from the Loofah Emporium, the Omnitrix was missing from Ben's arm.
  • For a moment, when Ghostfreak was chasing Psyphon, the eye-track below Ghostfreak's eye was green.
  • In one flashback scene, a tied 11-year-old Ben dialogues with Vilgax, although after the events of Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix. Ben doesn't see Vilgax again until he were fifteen.
  • In one scene, in Max's Plumbing, Ben has no Omnitrix.
  • In one scene, Rook's armor on the chest part was all black instead of blue.
  • Right after Ben said "exactly" after Rook stated that the Squid Monsters will stay in the sewers, the Omnitrix was missing again from Ben's arm.
  • During Snare-oh's battle with Psyphon and the Squid Monsters, in one scene Snare-oh's mouth was completely gold instead of black and the green lines on it were missing.

An American Benwolf in London

  • The time displayed on the Big Ben clock tower changes between shots.
  • When Ben was about to turn into Blitzwolfer, the Omnitrix has green on one part instead of white in one scene.

Fight at The Museum

  • In one scene, the side of the Omnitrix was Green.

Animo Crackers

  • After Ben transforms into Gutrot, the slime that was on the ground disappears.
  • In one scene, Dr. Animo has an orange brain.
  • In one scene, the door of the Proto-TRUK is orange.
  • Future Animo referred to the Mutant Snail as an amphibian, when snails are mollusks, though he could be referring to the Mutant Frog.
  • When Future Animo talks to Gutrot, the fur on his back had the color of his skin.

Rad Monster Party

  • In the flashback, at the Friedkin University, Zs'Skayr was able to be in sunlight without experiencing any pain.
  • In one scene, Scout's tail is white instead of grey.

The Vampire Strikes Back

  • Astrodactyl's jetpack wasn't powered, even though he was flying.
  • In one scene, Lord Transyl's thumb is the same color as his gauntlets.
  • In one scene, Zs'Skayr's black stripes are moving in opposite directions, as if it were a reflection of him.
  • In one scene, there were two Rooks in the crowd.
  • In one scene, Scout's tail disappears.

And Then There Were None

  • When Negative Ultimate Humungousaur attacked No Watch Ben, some of his helmet was blue instead of silver.
  • Nega Gutrot's skin and acid gas clouds are colored pink/purple instead of grey.[DJW 1]
  • When Bad Gravattack finds No Watch Ben, his Omnitrix's rim is purple.
  • After Astrodactyl saves No Watch Ben, his toes are green.
  • When Eon explains how it took time to assemble Bens from across the multiverse, his mouth isn't moving even though his voice is heard.
  • Vilgax mentions fighting Ben for a decade, but he has only been fighting him for 6 years.
  • Mad Rath glows red instead of orange when he transforms back into Mad Ben.
  • When Gwen 10 grabs Albedo, he was far shorter than he actually is.
  • In some scenes Nega Ben’s hoodie is dark green and black rather than grey and black.

And Then There Was Ben


  • Even though this episode wasn't part of the Galactic Monsters arc, it had the Galactic Monsters theme song at the beginning, this was not intended by the producers.
  • In one scene, Attea's spots on her cheeks were gone.
  • In one scene, Rayona's diamond is in violet instead of yellow.
  • Rook used a contraction in the episode (specifically "I've") which he didn't take with caution nor did Rayona feel strange about it.
  • In one scene, one of the Omnitrix symbols is missing from the Proto-Tool.
  • In one scene, Molly Gunther's Plumber Suit is colored white instead of red.

Collect This

  • Even though this episode wasn't part of the Galactic Monsters arc, it had the Galactic Monsters theme song at the beginning. This was not intended by the producers.
  • Kickin Hawk has a more high pitched voice.
  • When Ben transforms into Arctiguana, part of Rook's head is cut off.
  • In one scene, Arctiguana's shell lining is black.
  • In one scene, Arctiguana's stripes on his stomach are missing.
  • In one scene, Arctiguana is missing the spikes on his face.
  • In one scene, Unitaur's spike plate on his arm was colored white instead of green.
  • In one scene, XLR8's tail stripes were thinner.
  • The close captions spelled Lenopans as "Linopans".
  • On the credits, Diedrich Bader's name is misspelled "Deiedrich Bader".
  • Eric Bauza wasn't credited.

The Vengers

  • Bubble Helmet was credited as Bubblehead.
  • In one scene, Rook's face markings on his chin are missing.
  • When talking to Billy, Brainstorm's chin spikes are missing for a shot.

Cough It Up

  • Jimmy shouldn't have been able to record himself right after his phone ran out of power.
  • While Argit is explaining his gift certificate to Rook, the camera goes to Ben, who has his arms crossed. When Ben blinks, his left eye isn't colored in for a split second.
  • In two scenes, Kraab's head is miscolored.
  • After Spidermonkey dodged Thunderpig's mace, he had a seventh eye.
  • Thunderpig's eyes were pink when he escaped Spidermonkey's webs.
  • Buzzshock was credited "Buzzzshock".
  • Jimmy and Spanner were credited as "Jimmy Spanner".

Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51

  • When Ben selects Diamondhead, the hologram selection screen doesn’t appear.
  • In Ultimate Alien, Colonel Rozum looked liked he was in his fifties but in Omniverse he was seen as the boss of the barely adult Max Tennyson. More than 40 years later he still looks exactly like his younger self.
  • In Ultimate Aggregor, Colonel Rozum had no idea who Professor Paradox was, but in this episode, in the flashback, he already knew him.
  • Previous flashbacks to Max's youth showed him with brown hair. In this episode, his younger self's hair is black.

No Honor Among Bros

  • Walkatrout was credited although he didn't appear in the episode.

Universe vs. Tennyson

  • In multiple scenes, Patelliday's lure had the same coloration as his skin.
  • Armodrillo was credited although he didn't appear in the episode.
  • In one scene, Alien X's left hand is completely black.
  • In one scene where Ben was trying to convince Serena and Bellicus to give him full control of Alien X, his Omnitrix's symbol was missing.

Weapon XI: Part 1

  • During Alan's flashback, the back of Servantis' hair coloring matched his face coloring.
  • Feedback is missing the golden battery bolts on his shoulders, arms and hips.
  • When Kevin attempts to attack Servantis, he absorbs a sliver of Taydenite and his entire body is coated by the substance. However, in Darkstar Rising, Kevin demonstrates that he requires a significant amount of matter to cover his entire body, as the small orbs Gwen brought were enough to only coat his fingers.

Weapon XI: Part 2

  • When Kevin is absorbing DNA from the Omnitrix, Gutrot's nodes are incorrectly colored.
  • In a sequence of the fight between Mutant Kevin and Swampfire, the right arm corresponding to Astrodactyl is missing.

Clyde Five

Rook Tales

  • When Rook goes searching for Kundo, he was seen with the Proto-Tool, despite it being under repair at the time.
  • Wildvine had his 11 year old appearance in this episode.

Charm School

  • The soles of Lucky Girl's boots were a different design in this episode compared to previous episodes.

The Ballad of Mr. Baumann


  • Fistrick, when wearing his space-suit only has one spike on each shoe, however when it breaks apart, he is wearing his regular 4 spiked shoe. When the space suit breaks apart, the spikes reappear. This error is likely caused by his model sheet, which also does not contain the extra 3 spikes on each shoe.


  • In one scene, the white stripe on Gutrot's belt is black.
  • In one scene, Octagon's hat is red for a short time.
  • When XLR8 arrives, he is miscolored as Speedyquick.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 1

  • When Goop was talking in this episode there are no static sounds playing.
  • When Ben 23 and Ben Prime were transforming into The Worst and Toolboxx, Ben 23 had a holographic interface coming out of his Omnitrix. This error cropped up a second time when Ben 23 was about to transform into Mr. Monkey.
  • In one scene, The Worst's claws are yellow like his skin.
  • When Maltruant yells at Mad Rook, one of Exo-Skull's bolts has gold highlights.
  • Mad Rook occasionally has black pupils.
  • When Rollaway was in his sphere form, his sides were of the same color as his skin.
  • In several scenes, Mad Diamondhead has the Power Watch on his back as well as his chest.
  • After Mad Diamondhead knocked down Rollaway and prepared to attack him, in that close-up shot of Rollaway, his face and body were colored dark blue.
  • When Mad Diamondhead is about to punch Rollaway, his should armor is of a bluish metallic color.
  • Just before Mad Diamondhead is being hit by Clockwork's time ray, there is a rendering error on the scene's right side.
  • When Techno-Bubbled Clockwork struggles with Exo-Skull, his dark blue outlines are black.

It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Ben World: Part 2

  • Mad Rook occasionally has black pupils.
  • Gravattack is a lot bigger than usual.
  • When Bloxx says, "Not quite yet.", his neck is all blue instead of both blue and yellow.
  • The Hero Watch's interface does not pop up when dialing in an alien.

From Hedorium to Eternity

  • Kevin and Cooper meet for the first time in this episode, but in Undercover, Ben and Gwen were unaware that Kevin knew Cooper.
  • In this episode, Ben sees Kevin absorbing matter and demonstrating its use, but in Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, he did not know Kevin could do that, as pointed by Swampfire saying "That's new".
  • Ben trusts Kevin and believes that Kevin became a hero, but in Ben 10 Returns: Part 1, he still considered him his enemy.
  • Lucy's white socks are missing in the scene where she's sitting next to Gwen.
  • Ben's eyes are black, while focusing in his soccer ball.
  • In this episode, 11 year-old Ben and Gwen call Ghostfreak Zs'Skayr, although they didn't know that name until they were sixteen especially Ben.

Stuck on You

Let's Do the Time War Again

  • When Skurd says "If you're thinking of doing what I think you're thinking of doing", the black parts of his Omnitrix symbol are colored the same as Feedback's green clothing.
  • When Ben 10,000 transforms into Crashocker and is about to hit the ground to attack Exo-Skull, the rim of the Biomnitrix on his stomach is colored the same as his skin.

Secret of Dos Santos

The Final Countdown

Malgax Attacks

  • Mr. Smoothy's old design can be seen in the Skipper.
  • Before transforming into Ultimate Albedo, Albedo's shirt is black with red stripes, instead of red with black stripes.
  • When Albedo briefly transforms into his Galvan form, he is a red saturated Azmuth rather than his actual Galvan form.
  • Before transforming into Ultimate Rath, Albedo's shirt is black with red stripes, instead of red with black stripes.
  • Skurd stated that since he is a single-celled organism, a teleporter would rip him apart upon reconstruction. However, he did not show this fear in Stuck on You.
  • When flying up to the Chimerian Hammer, Skurd had the Omnitrix symbol on his head while he was on Luhley, despite not being attached to Ben's Omnitrix at the time.
  • As soon as Vilgax pulled Skurd off of his face, Skurd again had the Omnitrix symbol.
  • Gravattack is once again bigger than usual.
  • When Ben is playing his game at the beginning of the episode, he states it being a sandbox based game, however, it is shown to be a game similar to Galaga.

The Most Dangerous Game Show

  • When Zenith teleports almost every woman Ben met, Myaxx is shown to be teleported twice.
  • Jennifer is not seen again after she is poofed away.
  • Rayona is eliminated and poofed away, but in the next group shot she is there again in place of Rook Shar.
  • Rook Shar was eliminated in the lava round, but appeared again shortly at the start of the next round before Zenith announced what the round was about.
  • When Zenith is announcing the round on Peptos XII, Attea's hand overlaps Ben's shoulder even though she is standing behind him.
    • In the same frame, Looma Red Wind's braces on her left arms are flesh-coloured.
  • Lucy is in the group shot in the Null Void even when she shouldn't be there.
  • Helena Xagliv is in the group shot when Ben returns from the Null Void to confront Zenith, even when she shouldn't be there.
  • Fistina was never in the game at any point, yet is seen in the group after they exit the Null Void.
  • When Ben transformed into Pesky Dust, Skurd did not appear anywhere on him until he reverted.
  • When Ben transformed into Feedback, Ben didn't press the Omnitrix core.
  • When Charles Zenith addresses the tie in the final race, his microphone clips under his chin for a moment.
  • When Kai was mocking Ben, Ben's left eye had its night colors.
  • The ending theme for this episode is the one before Rook Tales.

The End of an Era

  • When Argit say "Re-elect Argit, 2032" that would imply that the events of this episode that place in the year 2032, however that doesn't make sense as it would mean the events of Omniverse take place before the year 2006, As Ken 10 takes place before this episode.

A New Dawn

  • When Chromastone jumps after the Annihilargh, his Alien X arm is missing.
  • In one scene, Chromastone's upper arms are magenta like his lower arms.
  • When talking to Skurd, Chromastone's chest is colored green like his jumpsuit.
  • During the mass alien transformation scene:
  • When Feedback is about to launch his final attack on Maltruant, there is a rendering error in the right side of the scene.
  • As Ben and Rook watch the formation of the universe, the Omnitrix is missing.
  • The Slimebiote cage was open before the Contumelia opened it.
  • Towards the end of the episode, parts of Rook's suit are blue instead of black.


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