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This article is about Ben's Omnitrix transformation. You might have been looking for Eon, the villain.

Eon was the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Chronian from the planet Chronia, prior to the retcon. This transformation was a younger clone version of Eon that Ben was transformed into in Ben 10: Race Against Time.


Being a younger version of Eon, the transformation looks the same as normal Eon, minus the helmet, pale white skin, brown marks around the eyes, and bags underneath the eyes. The Omnitrix symbol is located on the right side of his stomach.

Powers and Abilities

Exactly like his counterpart, Ben's Eon has the ability to travel through time. He can also travel through alternate dimensions, although excessive use of this ability can cause him to age faster and become weak. He is capable of teleporting and opening time portals. He is also able to fire balls of purple energy from his palms.

He has some degree of enhanced strength as shown when he was able to break free from a chain and enhanced agility as well. He is also durable enough to withstand being shock by a electrical cable, even being hit with a wrench with no damage.


Eon's first and only appearance was in Ben 10: Race Against Time. The original Eon transfomed Ben into a copy of himself and took control of his mind. He then activated the Hands of Armageddon. Gwen was able to snap Ben back to reality and he forced himself to revert back to normal.


Ben 10

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Russian Ион
From the original English name
From the original English name
From эра, era


An eon is a time measurement unit that involves multiple eras and is equal to one billion years. "Eon" is also an anagram for "One."


Beon Omnitrix

Omnitrix placement

  • He is the only alien to be exclusive to a movie.
  • Curiously, the Omnitrix turned violet when selecting him.
  • Eon is one of four aliens to debut in a special or movie, the others being Way Big, Nanomech and Shocksquatch.
  • Eon is the second alien form that has managed to repress Ben's personality, the other being Ghostfreak.[pop-up 1][1]



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