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If I cannot rule the cosmos, then I will be the one to destroy it!

– Eon to Paradox.[1]

Eon is an interdimensional timeline traveler and one of Ben's adversaries. He is the archenemy of Professor Paradox, as well as an alternate and evil version of Ben. He first appeared in Ben 10: Race Against Time.


In Race Against Time, Eon had pale white skin and maroon marks around his eyes. Eon wore a black bodysuit with a matching trench coat over it, black gauntlets with purple highlights on them, and a black helmet with a purple-tinted visor. The visor was black when he first appeared, but was colorless throughout the rest of the movie.

In Ultimate Alien, Eon wore a silver helmet with a purple visor that blocked all view of his face, leaving only two glowing purple eyes visible. He retained the black bodysuit, but had silver boots, gauntlets, and a chestplate instead; a purple cape to replace his coat. Unmasked, Eon was identical to Ultimate Ben, as he is another adult version of Ben.

In Omniverse, Eon retains the black helmet with its purple visor, but his face is visible through it, much like in Race Against Time. Eon's face also now looks radically different to Ben 10,000's, appearing highly aged or just repulsive; his face is long and frail, with a wide mouth, greyish skin, dark lines under his eyes, and thin, black lips. He retains the left arm silver gauntlet and boots, but there are also silver shoulder pads on his black trench coat. He wears a black and purple bodysuit and a silver collar that covers his entire neck.


Eon is essentially a psychopath. He is willing to mess up the timelines just to get what he wants, and would resort to destroying all of existence if denied the chance to rule.[1] Eon can be dangerously cunning and manipulative in combat, waiting throughout the physical fighting until the time is right for him to make a climactic move.

Eon can be very bloodthirsty, as when he thought that Vilgax was going to use his Chronosapien Time Bomb to erase No Watch Ben and his entire timeline, he was impressed and commented, "Nice!".[2]

Eon apparently has a long history with and a deep hatred of Professor Paradox, to whom he is in many ways equal yet inferior; while Eon can be very intelligent and can perceive the fragility of spacetime, unlike Paradox, he fails to recognize that the fullest power of a nigh-omnipotent device such as the Chrono Navigator is not something that can be exploited and controlled without cataclysmic consequences.[1]

Eon is willing to work with other villains when their goals will benefit him in some way, but unfortunately for him, he fails to realize that the most evil and intelligent of said villains may have treacherous hidden agendas. These would have a detrimental effect on him once his usefulness has ended.[3]

Eon fails to learn this from previous double-crossings that have happened to him; this was what allowed Vilgax to manipulate, exploit, and ultimately double-cross Eon during their partnership to wipe out the good Bens across the multiverse, with fatal consequences for Eon himself.[2]

Eon does not appreciate being backstabbed or duped; upon being restored from erasure by No Watch Ben as Clockwork, he immediately attacked Vilgax for playing and ultimately erasing him.[4]



Eon is an alternate reality counterpart of Ben Tennyson who became corrupted and evil at some point in his life. Like most of his other counterparts, he originally had his own Omnitrix. However, something bad happened to his Omnitrix, causing it to explode. During his transformation into Eon, Ben integrated the leftover parts from his Omnitrix into the gauntlet on his left arm.[DJW 3]

Travelling to the Race Against Time Timeline, Eon arrived on Earth 200 years ago to activate the Hands of Armageddon and start an interdimensional invasion. However, he was captured by the first Earth Plumbers[pop-up 1][5] and placed in cryogenic freezing for 200 years. Eon would eventually break out in the present day and aged his guardian Constantine Jacobs to near-death.

Eon was a Chronian who escaped the interdimensional entrapment of his species. Intend on freeing his people back into the universe at any cost, he arrived on Earth 200 years ago to activate the Hands of Armageddon and start the Chronians' invasion. However, he was captured by the first Earth Plumbers[pop-up 1][5] and placed in cryogenic freezing for 200 years. Eon would eventually break out in the present day and aged his guardian Constantine Jacobs to near-death.

Ben 10

Eon first appeared in Ben 10: Race Against Time, where he went searching for the Hands with the help of warriors from throughout time that he turned into abnormal creatures that would act as his servants.[pop-up 2][5] Finding out that he was too old and weak to activate the Hands, he set about capturing Ben Tennyson, with the intention of using his Omnitrix to turn his counterpart into a younger clone of himself. To ensure the transformation would be complete, Eon deactivate a failsafe so that his DNA would completely overtake the younger Ben's personality. Due to his powers over matter, Eon was able to retain his personality in the DNA that was sampled collected in the Omnitrix.[pop-up 3][5] Upon succeeding in this goal, the elder Eon seemingly wiping himself from existence to prevent two versions of himself from existing in the same world.

As the younger Eon, Ben activated the Hands of Armageddon. However, his human personality retook control when Gwen managed to reach her cousin inside the younger Eon, prompting him to revert back to human. Meanwhile, Max deactivated the Hands, thwarting the elder Eon's invasion. Returning to existence, the real Eon tried to exact his revenge. However, Ben as Wildmutt managed to send Eon crashing into the Hands of Armageddon, destroying it in a huge explosion of bright, glowing purple energy. Though he believed Eon had been destroyed with the Hands, Ben had inadvertently sending Eon out of his timeline and into cross-time, something Professor Paradox became aware of.

Ultimate Alien

Eon vs Ultimate Ben as Clockwork

After winding up in crosstime, Eon began travelling through many other timelines. Whenever he crossed paths with a different version of himself, he would enslave the resident Ben Tennyson of whatever timeline he traveled to, turning them into new servants under his control. Eon's ultimate intention was to become the one and only Ben Tennyson in the entire spacetime continuum.

In Ben 10,000 Returns, Eon travelled to the Ultimate Alien Future Timeline and broke into Ben 10,000's headquarters where he and his servants fought the resident Ben 10,000. Turning into Ultimate Ben, Ben 10,000 used Clockwork's abilities to send Eon 20 years earlier to Ultimate Alien's timeframe, unaware that Eon needed that to happen in order to complete his plan. Eon created a trap by using the Prime Timeline's Hand of Armageddon, which was stored in a Bellwood museum, to emit a signal that the Ultimatrix would pick up. When Ben touched the Hands of Armageddon, the artifact sent a pulse into the device, allowing Eon's servants to travel through and fight Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. After Eon’s servants were defeated, they were sent back once again.

After the Hands of Armageddon were strapped inside the Rust Bucket 3, Eon's servants once again fought the team. The servants managed to damage the Rust Bucket 3, forcing the ship to plummet down to the surface. When Ben as Way Big and Ultimate Ben as Clockwork attempted to destroy the Hands of Armageddon, they unintentionally allowed Eon and his servants to break out. Eon used his time rays to age Way Big to dust, seemingly killing Ben. However, Eon merely destroyed the transformation and not Ben himself. From there, a battle erupted between Eon's forces and Ben's team.

After swiping Ben 10,000 off to the side, Eon shoots his beams of energy towards Ultimate Swampfire, but only manages to age the seedlings that he planted before vanishing. This leaves Eon confused, allowing Ultimate Swampfire to grab Eon, demanding an explanation for his actions. Eon says that their paths are intertwined in every timeline. Eon managed to get the upper hand by throwing Ultimate Swampfire to the ground and aging both the transformation and his regular counterpart, leaving Ben vulnerable. Before Eon could finish Ben off, he was saved by Ultimate Ben, who protected himself from Eon's beams by forming a mana shield in front of him and escapes along with Ben.

Eon defeated

After the gang discovers that Eon's servants are actually alternate Bens when Gwen immobilizes them, Eon explained his plan to absorb both Ben and Ben 10,000 so he can replace the current timeline with a new one. Taking his helmet off, he revealed his identity as an alternate Ben 10,000 and was confronted by Professor Paradox. Eon tells the time walker that he cannot interfere, yet Paradox understood this and says that if Eon were to proceed with his plans, he will have no place to hide. Ben discovered that Eon never came through the Hands of Armageddon, but rather through their respective Ultimatrixes, and that through the whole fight Eon was luring all of them away from the artifact. Eon attempts to age Ben to dust once again, but Ben manages to transform into Jetray and flies towards the Hands of Armageddon. Gwen, Kevin, and Ben 10,000 fight off Eon while Jetray destroys the Hands of Armageddon, causing Eon to explode. Paradox stated that all the Bens Eon had controlled would go back to their own timelines and return to normal.


Eon vs Paradox

Despite his demise, Eon was somehow brought back to life, yet ended up trapped in the main timeline by Paradox. Seeking to get hold of the time-walker's Chrono Navigator in order to have the freedom to traverse the multiverse once more, Eon went after Ben both when he was 11 and when he is 16 at the same time. He also acquired new servants in the form of robots.[DJW 4]

In Ben Again, Eon battles both Bens in their respective time zones before touching their Omnitrixes, causing the immature 11-year-old Ben to switch minds with his more mature 16-year-old self. Realizing Paradox wouldn't show up in the present day because the 11-year-old mind of Ben doesn't know him, Eon quickly went to 11-year-old Ben's time zone, where he ambushed Paradox and cut off his robotic right hand.

Eon held Paradox captive in the end of time[DJW 5] for interrogation and, knowing that Paradox never lies, figured out that his missing cybernetic hand was his Chrono Navigator. Originally planning to go back to the moment it was severed, Eon was warned against doing so by Paradox as it risked throwing him out of existence due to the fabric of reality being stretched thin by both of their presences and the switched minds of Ben.

Almost defeated

Eon instead went to the present day, where he stole the Chrono Navigator from the immature Ben once he found it. Eon used the Chrono Navigator to summon his minions, but Eon's abuse of the device's power began to seriously stretch and damage the fabric of time. As both the present and 11-year-old Ben's time were now visible through the distortions Eon had created, Eon was blasted out of the timeline by the 11-year-old and 16-year-old Bens' versions of Clockwork, restoring reality to normal and erasing all the events he had just caused to occur.

Eon with Vilgax and the evil Bens

In And Then There Were None, Eon joined forces with Vilgax to, as Eon believed, create an army of evil Omnitrix-wielders under Vilgax's control, which Eon achieved through gathering an army of evil Ben Tennysons from all across the multiverse and destroying those among the alternate Bens who refused to join. After Vilgax and Eon had five evil versions of Ben- Albedo, Bad Ben, Mad Ben, Benzarro, and Nega Ben- under their control, they went to the No Watch Timeline, with Eon and the evil Bens intending to destroy No Watch Ben since his reality's lack of an Omnitrix made it an unpredictable temporal wildcard. However, while Eon and the evil Bens were fighting against a team of good Omnitrix-wielders gathered by Professor Paradox to counter them, Vilgax betrayed Eon. Using a Chronosapien Time Bomb, Vilgax wiped all the other timelines, and their Bens with them, from spacetime, Eon included.

Eon getting wiped from spacetime

In And Then There Was Ben, Eon was seen in the recent past in Dimension 23, back when he was still recruiting alternate Bens for his and Vilgax's army. Eon was fighting Ben 23 for refusing to join, but with Gwen 10 and present No Watch Ben's unseen help, Ben 23 defeated Eon and forced him to flee to another dimension in search of more persuadable Bens. After Vilgax had successfully deployed the Chronosapien Time Bomb back in the present, Eon was brought back into existence when No Watch Ben used Clockwork to suck the Time Bomb's ripple back in. He attacked Vilgax and tried to finish him off for backstabbing him, but before he could have done it, Fourmungousaur swatted him away. At the end of the episode, he was sent back to his own timeline by Clockwork.

Eon with a Time Beast

In Let's Do the Time War Again, Eon was sent by Maltruant to collect the eggs of a Time Beast to aid him in the Time War. Eon met up with Exo-Skull and Subdora to get the eggs but ran into difficulty with Ben and Rook Blonko's interference. Even more, Paradox and Ben 10,000 appeared to help stop Eon as well. Eon eventually released a Time Beast and Ben and Rook are forced to try and stop it. Eon mainly fought with Paradox and summoned his minions to fight Ben 10,000. Eon then managed to escape with two Time Beast eggs and deliver them to Maltruant.

In The End of an Era, Eon was summoned to Ben 10,000's timeline by Maltruant, bringing with him a Time Beast-pulled chariot. Maltruant pushed Eon off the chariot, telling him that his services were no longer required. Eon was angered, saying they had a deal. Maltruant responded by nonchalantly sending Eon back to his own timeline.

Powers and Abilities

Eon has the ability to travel through time and across alternate timelines using portals, known examples including the Prime Timeline,[1] Dimension 23,[4] the Race Against Time Timeline,[5] and the Ultimate Alien Future Timeline.[6]

Eon can fire powerful beams of purple time-based energy from his hands. These time rays are very dangerous, as they can instantly age anything they touch by hundreds of years.[pop-up 4][5] When time rays are used on an Omnitrix/Ultimatrix transformation, they will instantly be deleted from the device.[6]

Being an alternate adult version of Ben, Eon is stronger and more agile than he looks.

Eon is durable enough to withstand a Petrosapien's projectile shards and endure a Vulpimancer's tackle with no visible damage.[5]

Eon is seemingly fireproof, being unfazed by a Pyronite's attacks.[5]

Eon can teleport by vanishing into a purple haze and release shockwaves as a means of self-defense.[1]

Eon is able to sense the ripple effect in time whenever a Chronosapien uses their own time powers.[7][4]

Eon's time powers grant him limited molecukinesis abilities, allowing him to create illusions and mirages. This enabled Eon to fake his death by making it appear that he was burned up by Heatblast.[5]

Eon's time energy can become electrical, allowing him to manipulate and control technology and machines from any race, such as vehicles or clockwork gears.[pop-up 5][5]


Eon carries energy daggers with glowing purple blades;[1] one of these daggers was destroyed when Big Chuck turned it into one of his projectiles.[8]

Eon alternatively uses a katana-like energy sword similar to those used by his robotic servants.[8]


Though very powerful, Eon's powers can backfire on him if misused. It would also seem that overusing his powers can both weaken him and speed up his aging process.[5]

Eon's time rays are useless against anything diamond-related, such as Petrosapiens, since they take millions or even billions of years to age.[9][6]

Eon's time rays can be deflected by certain materials, such as Rook Blonko's Proto-Tool.[8]


Ben 10

Ultimate Alien

Season 3


Season 2

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Season 8


An eon is a time measurement unit that involves multiple eras and is equal to one billion years.


  • Eon is one of the few personal enemies of Paradox; he's clashed with Paradox many times in many different timelines and realities, each never being able to defeat the other.[DJW 6]
  • Due to his ability to travel through time, it is hard to tell exactly what order events occur from his perspective. This is a trait shared by Professor Paradox.
  • When Eon was hunting other Bens, he never came across one like the Ben 10,000 of Ultimate Alien's future.
  • Eon's personality has differed across depictions:
    • Eon's portrayal in Race Against Time was partially inspired by Darth Vader from the Star Wars franchise. Christien Anholt seemed eager to portray Eon because he is a fan of Darth Vader.[CA 1]
    • Eon's portrayal in Ultimate Alien is similar to both Gog from DC Comics and Morlun from Marvel Comics, as all three of them are dimensional travellers whose goals involve hunting heroes with similar powers. The only difference is that, unlike Gog or Morlun, Eon enslaves any version of Ben Tennyson he runs into instead of killing them.
    • Eon's portrayal in Omniverse is similar to The Master from Doctor Who, which is a parallel to Paradox being a nod to the Doctor. Both parties are time-travelling arch-enemies possessing similar powers and opposite goals, with one seeking to maintain peace while the other strives to destroy and conquer.


  1. 1.0 1.1 In Race Against Time, Eon was portrayed as a Chronian from the planet Chronia. This has been retconned in Ultimate Alien, where he is revealed to be an alternate version of Ben Tennyson, thereby making him a human from an alternate version of Earth.[DJW 1][DJW 2]


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