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Enoch was an influential leader of his faction of the Forever Knights, and the initial "face" of the knights in their first few appearances in the Original Series.


Enoch always hid his face behind a stern gold-colored mask. He additionally wore a chainmail hood and a grey-blue pointed crown. On his chest, he wore a burgundy surcoat with the symbol of the Forever Knights and a grey belt. His arms and legs were completely covered in armor.

In Ultimate Alien, his appearance is similar to the original series, but his crown is golden and differently shaped, his arms and legs are covered by silvery armor, and his torso is covered by a red surcoat with the new symbol of the Forever Knights in the center. In addition, his mask's lips now move when he talks, synced with his own.


Generally, Enoch employs a calm, intimidating demeanor, despite any adversity.

He is incredibly ambitious in his quest to attain power, especially in obtaining powerful weapons technologies. This is noted in Ultimate Weapon, where although the temple collapses he continues to go after the Sword of Ek Chuaj.


Ben 10

At the end of A Small Problem, Enoch orders his subordinates to find out about everything there is to know about Ben, Gwen and Max.

In Ultimate Weapon, Enoch attempts to retrieve the Sword of Ek Chuaj - a sword of incredible power - only for it to crumble to dust when he finally finds it in a temple, since his "ultimate weapon" was over 5,000 years old. He remains in the temple as it collapses, trying to collect the dust of the weapon in a vain hope to reforge it.

In The Unnaturals, Enoch resurfaces as the mastermind behind a plot to replace the President with a robotic duplicate using a team of robotic baseball players fittingly called the Squires, which was foiled by the Tennysons, though they remain unaware that he was part of it. He vows to make the Tennysons pay with their lives.

Enoch omnitrix

Enoch with the Omnitrix in a dream

In Perfect Day, Enoch entered Ben's dream at the time of his capture and posed as Lieutenant Steel, claiming that the real Gwen and Max were Limax. Four Arms eventually saw through his disguise. Enoch's plot was finally foiled when Ben took control of the dream, turning himself into Ultra Ben and ejecting Enoch from the dream before escaping. After a brief struggle with XLR8 in the real world, Enoch was unknowingly trapped in the dream world, believing the machine malfunctioned and he came into possession of the Omnitrix.

Enoch is later found by the Forever King and Red Knight. With Enoch's multiple failures, the Forever King decides to leave him be, trapped in his beautiful dream, stating he will deal with the Tennysons himself. It took Enoch years to recover from the dream machine.[pop-up 1][1]

Ultimate Alien

TP (78)

Enoch in The Purge

In The Purge, Enoch returns, now leader of another faction of the Forever Knights, where he was among the other Forever Knight leaders present at Old George's meeting and bowed before him. Also present was his former Forever King, Sir Driscoll, with whom he seems to have severed ties.

As with virtually all the Forever Knights, he later perished during the final battle with Dagon's Esoterica.[DJW 1]


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Ben 10: Protector of Earth

Enoch serves as a mini-boss in the video game Protector of Earth in the level Area 51 and uses a sword to battle. He appears in the next battle at the Hoover Dam, where he uses a giant mecha suit made from Area 51 technology and Forever Knight technology and powered by the Cannonbolt DNA and energy from Hoover Dam on both accounts he is defeated and on both accounts he manages to get away. His goal was to use the suit and the DNA to prevent Vilgax from sucking the earth into the Null Void but was prevented by the well meaning, yet completely unaware of Vilgax's plot at the time, Ben Tennyson.

Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction

In Cosmic Destruction, it is revealed Enoch is powered with one of the pieces of the Potis Altiare. When the artifact was taken from him, it seemed like he was turned to stone. He is in the Catacombs level.

In this timeline, Enoch is more medieval due to his words during the cutscenes. He said he has been hiding in the Catacombs and his power has been growing for the past six years.


Enoch comes from the Hebrew name, which originally means "dedicated".



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