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<gallery captionalign="left">
Elfwork.png|Elves Worked
<gallery bordercolor="transparent" captionalign="center" spacing="small" hideaddbutton="true" position="center">
Mr. Jinggle.png|[[Thomas Jingles]] in Elf Form
Elsgood Elf.png|[[Elsgood]] in Elf Form
Mr. Jinggle.png
EP30-93.jpg|[[Ben]] in Elf Form
Elsgood Elf.png
EP30-66.jpg|[[Gwen]] in Elf Form
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[[Category:One-Time Villains]]
[[Category:Article stubs]]
[[Category:Minor Villains]]
[[Category:Minor Characters]]
[[Category:Minor Male Characters]]
[[Category:Former Allies]]
[[Category:Former Villains]]
[[Category:Character Galleries]]
[[Category:Species Galleries]]
[[Category:Gallery Stubs]]

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