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Electricyeti (Ee-Lec-Tris-Yet-ee) is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Gimlinopithecus from the planet Pattersonea and the Dimension 23 equivalent of Shocksquatch.[OV Brief 1]


Electricyeti looks mostly similar to Shocksquatch in Omniverse, except the black parts of his fur are colored blue and his eyes and the white pieces of fur bordering his head, wrists, and ankles are colored light blue. The Omnitrix symbol is on a blue and light belt and is blue with a gold outer casing.

Powers and Abilities

Electricyeti has the ability to release strong electrical charges from any of the bolts on his body. He is even able to shoot electricity from his mouth.[1]

By covering objects with his electricity, Electricyeti can telekinetically move them.[2]

Electricyeti is more agile than he looks, as Shocksquatch could jump over a Buglizard easily.[3]

Electricyeti can generate an electric force field that can shoot beams of electricity in multiple directions[4] and temporarily shield himself against cosmic radiation.[OV Brief 1]

Electricyeti can charge his impacts and collisions with electricity to enhance it.[5] He can also move electricity along a surface to either cover an object or shock his target, as demonstrated by Crashocker.[6]

Electricyeti can infuse his electricity with other beings, such as an Arburian Pelarota, to empower them.[7]

Electricyeti is physically strong, as shown when Shocksquatch punched Buglizard until the ground fell apart, causing them to fall through into the subway.[3]

Electricyeti has a degree of enhanced durability, being able to withstand being flicked off a Way Bad[8], as demonstrated by Shocksquatch. He is also immune to freezing climates thanks to his thick fur.[OV Brief 1]

Electricyeti has enhanced speed and dexterity, as he can run on all fours.[9]


Electricyeti is helpless while being insulated, such as when he is ensnared by an Evolved Arachnichimp's webs.[10]

Electricyeti is vulnerable to magic, as shown when Shocksquatch was teleported by one of Charmcaster's spells.[11]

Electricyeti is weak against enemies who can drain electricity.[12]

Electricyeti can be harmed by his own electricity if redirected and shot back at him.[11]

Even though he can resist both freezing climates and cosmic radiation, these can still be lethal to Electricyeti after a certain period of time.[OV Brief 1]





Season 3

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Électrique Yéti From électrique, electrical, and yéti, yeti
Hungarian Elektromosság From elektromosság, electricity
Portuguese (Br) Yeti Elétrico From yeti, yeti, and elétrico, electric
Russian Электрический Йети From электрический, electric and yeti,


Electricyeti's name is a pun on "electricity" and "yeti".


  • Electricyeti was an early name for Shocksquatch that was coined by Cartoon Network executive Brian Jones.[DJW 1]
  • In Store 23, Electricyeti was shown generating yellow electricity. In And Then There Was Ben, the electricity was recolored blue.
  • Similar to how electrical and/or monkey sounds are heard whenever Shocksquatch speaks in Omniverse, those same sound effects can be heard whenever Electricyeti is generating electricity.


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