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Ekoplekton[1] is the home planet of the Ekoplektoids.


Ekoplekton is a sprawling metropolis that seems to cover every available surface on the planet. The landscape is dotted by large, rounded mountains vaguely resembling the armored plating on the Ekoplektoid's arms; these, too, are covered in buildings. Multiple subways run beneath the planet's surface, allowing the rapidly growing population to traverse the global city.


Because of the Ekoplekton's duplication powers and their poor control over them, space is at a premium. At times, the planetary population grows to such a staggering number, that the Ekoplektons have to leave the planet just to get enough room.

Unfortunately, the same problem that made them want to leave Ekoplekton in the first place often forces them to make emergency stops just to get some elbow room.

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