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Ekoplektoids (also known as Ekoplektons[1]) are a species from the planet Ekoplekton.[DR 1]


Ekoplektoids look like bipedal frogs about the size of a human. They have green skin.

Powers and Abilities

Ekoplektoids have the ability to split into two clones when receiving a hit on their back. The two parts are half the size of the original, but also twice as heavy, dense, and strong. It is possible for Ekoplektoids to become as dense as a black hole if they duplicate enough times.[DR 2]


Ekoplektoids unable to control their duplicating power, as each strike on their back forces them to duplicate unwillingly, and the weight of each duplicate may cause issues to their surroundings.

With no link between the clones, Ekoplektoids can end up fighting themselves if incensed.

Notable Ekoplektoids


  • Ekoplektoids closely resemble the Incurseans of the classic continuity because both species are based on frogs. They are also similar to Splixsons due to both sharing the ability to generate independent clones.


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