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Ectonurites are a ghost-like species from Anur Phaetos in the Anur System. Their Ecto-Lord is Zs'Skayr.


With their protective layer of skin, Ectonurites look like a classical ghost with a track for the eye to travel upon. Ectonurites can grow this secondary layer of skin to protect them from sunlight.

Without their protective layer of skin, Ectonurites look like misshapen horrors. They possess an exposed skull with sparse teeth for a head, only one eye, dark blue skin, exposed bones on certain parts of their bodies, black claws, a big gaping hole in their chest with black and white striped tentacles hanging out, and speak with an eerie, creepy voice. Ectonurites can rotate their heads so they can be upside-down or the right way up. Ectonurites can also develop deformities such as having one arm larger than the other, having three heads, having more than one eye, or having pink lips.

Ectonurites on Anur Transyl usually conceal their faces. Their secondary skins resemble sheets, with patches and stitches commonplace. They also have stitches on their bodies.

When an Ectonurite is at its full power, spikes erupt from its shoulders and its hands, and their teeth and claws grow in size.

Powers and Abilities

Ectonurites have density altering protoplasm, allowing them to phase through matter and make themselves invisible.

Ectonurites can inhabit the bodies of other lifeforms and possess them. Additionally, this grants them access to the possessed person's powers as well.

Ectonurites can possess Florauna,[pop-up 1][1] Vladats,[DJW 1] Necrofriggians,[DJW 2] Atrocians, Polymorphs,[DJW 3] Galvanic Mechamorphs, Nanochips, Chronosapiens,[DJW 4] and even Celestialsapiens[DJW 5] and other Ectonurites.[DJW 6]

Ectonurites can make themselves intangible and invisible as both a powerful defense and infiltrating high-security locations.[2]

Ectonurites are capable of making other objects or people intangible and transparent through physical contact;[3] this feat was first demonstrated by Zs'Skayr.[1]

Ectonurites can use the tentacles under their protective skin as a means of scaring their enemies into submission.[4] These tentacles can grow sharp thorns that can be used as lethal weapons.[5]

Ectonurites have a movable eye, which is especially seen when they wear their outer skin.[6] Although their outer skin protects them from burning in the sunlight, their tentacles appear to be resistant towards sunlight.[7]

Ectonurites possess enhanced strength, as shown when Ghostfreak used his tentacles to grab a bus full of people.[7]

Ectonurites are immune to both an Ormerowon's zombification powers[TP 1] and Darkstar's energy absorption ability. This is because they do not have mana, as they are not alive in the same conventional way that most other life forms are.[3]

Ectonurites have sharp claws. Also, when they stick their claws into a person's head, it can either cause them pain or knock them unconscious.[8]

Ectonurites can make people feel deathly cold by simply moving right through them.[6]

Ectonurites can alter their shape and deform like gas by making themselves into a grey, somewhat transparent smoke-like wispy form.[6] While in this form, they are immune to being absorbed by Gutrot's species.[DJW 7]

Ectonurites have enhanced durability, as Ghostfreak was able to withstand a punch from Kraab, which threw him against a wall.[6]

Ectonurites are able to disrupt electronics by phasing through them, as demonstrated by Zs'Skayr.[9]

Like all Anur System species, Ectonurites are immune to the effects of Corrodium and can see in the dark,[DJW 8] the former of which has been demonstrated by Zs'Skayr.[1]

Due to being alive in a rather unconventional sense, Ectonurites can survive in the vacuum of space, as demonstrated by Zs'Skayr.[1]

True Form

Ectonurites' true forms have an inverted skull with sharp teeth.[10] They can rotate their skulls.[9]

Ectonurites can project powerful energy beams from either the tentacles in their chests and or their hands whenever their skins are peeled back, as demonstrated by Zs'Skayr.[1][10]

Ectonurites are capable of telekinesis; this feat was exclusively demonstrated when Zs'Skayr took over Ben's body.[10]

If exposed to total darkness, like that of space, an Ectonurite's powers and abilities would be greatly enhanced to their full potential, as demonstrated by Zs'Skayr.[1]


An Ectonurite's intangibility is useless when faced by another being that can go intangible, as it will cancel out their ability to do so.[11]

Certain substances can neutralize an Ectonurite's intangibility and invisibility, such as a special orange liquid used by Kraab.[6] It is possible that Gutrot's species can replicate this liquid in a gaseous form.[DJW 9]

Ectonurites' secondary skin inhibits many of their powers, but removing it will make them vulnerable to sunlight.[8] Furthermore, Ectonurites would also be vulnerable to the light generation of a Prypiatosian-B, as demonstrated with Zs'Skayr.[9]

Although they are able to fly, Ectonurites are not very fast in the air, and therefore must rely on their intangibility and invisibility to evade attacks.

An Ectonurite's intangibility seems to require conscious thought to activate, so opponents will be able to hit them if they are caught off guard, as seen when Ghostfreak got hit by a punching bag that Thumbskull threw at him while he was distracted.[8]

There are certain beings Ectonurites cannot possess. For example, they cannot possess zombies due to them lacking minds of their own.[12] They are also unable to possess the Sentient Ultimate forms[13] or Dagon.[DJW 10]

In correlation with their weakness against sunlight, Ectonurites cannot possess Pyronites because of their solar-like radiation. Similarly, they cannot possess Crystalsapiens because of the light they generate.[DJW 11]

Magic can harm Ectonurites, as shown when Ghostfreak was incapacitated by one of Charmcaster's spells.[14]

Ectonurites cannot survive on Anur Vladias.[DJW 12]

Ectonurites can easily be scared by Toepick's species.[DJW 13]

Ectonurites can be affected by a Nemuina's sleeping dust.[DJW 14]

There are a number of weaknesses that Ectonurites are vulnerable to if they remain tangible. For example:

Notable Ectonurites

Notable Ectonurite Hybrids

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) Ectonurite
Ectonurito (Rook Tales)
From the original English name.


The name Ectonurite comes from ectoplasm.


  • There are Ectonurites living in the lower levels of Undertown.[DJW 15]
  • Ectonurites are not living dead in the Earth sense, their "lives" are just very different from most sentient life forms.[DJW 17]
  • It was Dou Hong's idea to have one of the Ectonurites in Omniverse be trapped in a pillory.[DJW 18]
  • The Ectonurites used their ghost-like powers to slowly become rulers of every planet in the Anur System.[pop-up 2][1]
  • In Ben 10: Protector of Earth, Vilgax referred to Zs'Skayr as an Ectonurian.


Crew Statements

Derrick J. Wyatt

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