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"I'm going to make you eat those words."
"What of it? He hath already eaten everything else."

Vilgax to Eatle; George to Vilgax.[1]

Eatle is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Oryctini from the planet Coleop Terra.[merch 1]


In Ultimate Alien, Eatle was a ten-foot-tall[merch 1] metallic humanoid alien. He was dark blue in color. His silver serrated mouth took up most of his upper body and back; the rest of his head was on top and could swivel from side to side.[1] It consisted of two eyes, a very tall horn in front, and a much shorter one in back. He also had a silver belt indented in his waist, matching wristbands and soles, four claws on each hand, and the inside of his mouth was green.

In Omniverse, Eatle looks much more beetle-like, now having grey skin with dark green spiked armor running from his face down to his back, and also on his arms and legs. He now has an underbite, with his grey jaw being more rounded and toothy, and hinged to his face by two spikes. He has a blue tongue, and his longer and shorter horn now switch places, with the longer one having forks at the top, making it resemble that of a Japanese rhinoceros beetle. He now has two toes on his feet, and only three fingers on each hand. He wears green clothing over the parts of his torso left bare by his shell.

Eatle wears the Ultimatrix/Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities[]

Similar to Upchuck, Eatle has the ability to eat just about anything[DJW 1] and then convert the materials' matter into energy to shoot a green laser beam out of the slot on his horn. The beam is powerful enough to cut a floating mountain of Legerdomain in half[2] and even hold down a Lucubra-enhanced Vilgax.[1]

Eatle's jaws are very strong and can be used to chew up various resilient materials, like metal.[3]

Eatle has enhanced strength, as he was able to crush Carl Nesmith's glove,[4] grab a Ship-enhanced Julie before pushing her through several walls of her house without stopping,[5] and rip off the bumper of Kevin's car.[3]

Eatle has enhanced durability, as seen when he was able to withstand Carl's glove's laser, which was able to injure a Chronosapien and kill a human with a single shot,[4] as well as an entire building from Dagon's dimension falling on top of him.[1]

Eatle can run very fast, and in addition to shooting lasers, his horn can also be used as a very effective battering ram; both of these feats were shown during his fight with Vilgax.[1]

Eatle can scale up walls, as shown when he clambered up Charmcaster's machine.[2]


If his horn is grabbed, Eatle will become paralyzed.[1]

Eatle may unaccountably try to eat something against his interests, such as the remains of the Tenn-Speed.[6]

Being an Oryctini, Eatle is weak against his natural predator.[DJW 2]


Ultimate Alien[]



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Video Games[]

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Eatle in Omniverse 2

Ben 10: Omniverse 2[]

Eatle is a playable alien in the game (only on 3DS).

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Arabic إيتل From the original English name (pronounced "Eatal")
Bulgarian Гладника From гладника/gladnika, The Hungry Guy
Chinese 食霸 From (Shí), eating, and (Bà), despot
Dutch Eatle From the original English name (pronounced "Eatjol")
French Squalosaure From squale, shark, and -osaure, end of dinosaur
German Nashorn From Nashorn, rhino
Hungarian Egyszarvú From egyszarvú, unicorn
Italian Mangione From mangione, glutton
Polish Orzuk From "Orz" - orzeł, eagle, and zuk "Żuk" - beetle
Portuguese (Br) Besouro From besouro, beetle
Romanian Eatle From the original English name
Russian Робот From робот, robot
Spanish (HA) Eatle From the original English name (pronounced "Edol")
Spanish (Spain) Glotón From glotón, glutton


Eatle's name is a portmanteau of "eat", the primary ability he has, and "beetle", the insect he is based on. His name also roughly sounds like "eat all".


GfT (45)

The golf course statue

  • The red robot-like statue of the golf course from Greetings From Techadon bears a resemblance to Eatle's design in Ultimate Alien.
  • In Ultimate Alien, Eatle's mouth only ever opened when he was about to devour something and never actually opened when he talked. Much like Lodestar, however, Eatle's mouth now moves when he speaks in Omniverse.
  • Eatle is one of the four regular aliens to get a complete redesign in Omniverse; the others being Shocksquatch, Swampfire, and Chromastone.
  • Eatle's existence was first brought to light in a listing for the Ultimate Alien four-inch line by Bandai.[Bandai 1]
  • Concept art for Eatle's appearance in Ultimate Alien shows him with four arms and a horn similar in appearance to the one featured in Omniverse.[DJW 3] When creating concept art of Eatle, Derrick J. Wyatt was not informed of his eating-based abilities.[DJW 4]
    • Although some of Derrick's concept art for Eatle in Ultimate Alien depicts his Ultimatrix symbol with prongs indicative of an Ultimate form, this was a mistake on Derrick's end, and an Ultimate form of Eatle was never planned.[DJW 5][DJW 6]
    • Concept art Eatle's appearance in Omniverse was done by Derrick. It shows him as being more animalistic by standing on all fours with the Omnitrix symbol on the top of his horn.[DJW 7]
    • Eatle's final design for Omniverse was created by Steven Choi.[DJW 8]
    • Derrick speculated that the reason why Eatle's prototype figure for Omniverse looks so different from his actual design was because he was probably based on rough drawings.[DJW 9]
  • As with the other regular aliens introduced in Season 3 of Ultimate Alien, Eatle was created at the request of the studio. Several artists were asked to draw rough concepts without being given direction or powers, as the studio did not want them feeling handcuffed for ideas. What was turned in is what springboarded the idea for the final designs. After Derrick turned in his beetle concept, Glen Murakami liked the design and tried to figure out powers to match. Then, the writers and designers had brainstorming sessions until the final powers and designs were reached.[TJC 1]
  • Despite the confirmed existence of Eatle's predator, it was a concept that ultimately never made it into the show.[DJW 2][DJW 10]



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