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And you two are brilliant scientists...
By Earth standards. For a couple of Galvans, you two are remarkably unintelligent.

Azmuth 23 to Blukic and Driba.[1]

Driba is a Galvan technician in Omniverse. He and Blukic are the Plumber tech support for the Plumber base on Earth.[DJW 2]


Regular Appearance[]

Driba is a slightly short and stout Galvan. He has a prominent chin; a flat head; and, unlike most Galvan, lacks tendrils. He wears a Plumber Suit, though his lacks coverings for his finger, toes, and ankles, among other minor alterations to better fit his smaller body.

As a tadpole, Driba was slightly more teal than Blukic, but had no other discernable features.

As a Galvan Soldier, Driba wore the same outfit as the other soldiers.

Five years prior to Omniverse, Driba wore the old, grey version of the Plumber suit, albeit miniaturized.

Occasional Appearances[]

In Outbreak and Something Zombozo This Way Comes, Driba wore a green hazmat suit.

In Arrested Development and Rook Tales, Driba wore goggles with green lenses and black rims.

In Store 23, Driba wore a white flat cap and a green scarf over his usual outfit.

In Store 23, Driba donned a disguise along with Blukic and Hokestar, where he functioned as the head. In this disguise, they wore a brown trench coat, a red scarf, an orange visor, and a blue sorcerer's hat with goggles on it.

In Something Zombozo This Way Comes, Driba became a Zombie Clown, causing him to wear a green jumpsuit, an orange wig, clown shoes, and a purple ruffle with a matching bow. He also gained clown makeup, consisting of a white face with red around his mouth.

In Malgax Attacks, Driba wore green-tinted goggles with grey rims.


Driba is the more passionate of his duo with Blukic, though somewhat more rational when arguing with him.

Driba shares with Blukic a superiority complex in regard to Galvan intelligence, which causes them to often disregard the input of others.[2]

Like his partner, Driba is quite fond of Mr. Smoothy.


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Both Blukic and Driba were once part of the Level 1 Science Team, which causes Driba to shudder in fear of being demoted back down to.[3]

In Evil's Encore, it is shown that Blukic and Driba had been part of the tech support for the Plumber base at Mt. Rushmore. One of their first blunders was when they received an order to create an escape tunnel, and they built a tunnel only big enough for Galvans and other smaller species.

Surprisingly, it is further revealed that Blukic and Driba have a longer history with the Earth in Blukic and Driba Go to Area 51. Apparently in the 1940s, they had accidentally launched Luhley's spacecraft, which was intended for a secret mission to Earth to stop Benevelon. However, the two ended up crashing on Earth and sparking the infamous Roswell UFO incident. With the help of a much younger and brash Max Tennyson, they were able to thwart Benevelon's plan at the time, but found that they were stranded on Earth. What happened in the decades before Evil's Encore has yet to be revealed.

Powers and Abilities[]

OB (258)

Enhanced Intelligence

Like all Galvans, Driba is small enough to enter machinery and tight places that larger beings cannot.

By Galvan standards, Driba is not considered very intelligent, but he is still able to understand scientific theories and complex machinery far better than any human scientist or engineer.

Driba can improvise repairs and devices during dire situations including complex devices such as the Annihilarrgh and the Omnitrix.[4]




RT (262)

Blukic and Dria working together

Blukic and Driba have a very strong friendship, dating back to when they were tadpoles. They seem to have stuck together ever since, being two of the first aliens to make first contact with humans.[5] The two have bonded over their shared love of tinkering, Mr. Smoothy, and their attraction to Luhley.

Despite their similarities, the two are usually arguing over semantics, such as whether the Zombie Clowns were more tragic or sad.[6] The two will even argue in dire situations, such as when under the threat of the Rooters[7] or Kundo.[8] Driba has also once falsely accused Blukic of stealing a smoothie straw from him.[9] They have even blamed each other for their mistakes, such as when Gwen learned that they had fixed the Annihilarrgh.[10]

Despite their bickering, Blukic and Driba are ultimately very dependent on each other. When Blukic was separated from Driba for months, he began to contradict himself in place of his friend. Upon reuniting, Driba pretended to have not missed Blukic, but Blukic knew that wasn't the case.[11]



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Driba's name is based on the storyboard artist and director of some Ben 10 episodes, Dan Riba.[DJW 4]


  • Driba and Blukic are the "dumbest geniuses" of the Milky Way.[DJW 2]
    • This is proven in Store 23 when the Dimension 23's Azmuth said that Blukic and Driba are remarkably unintelligent for Galvan. He also said that Driba and Blukic have the intelligence of pressing the brake and accelerator at the same time and that they are scientists only according to human standards.
    • Also, despite claiming to be smarter than any human, any human who has met them considers them to be complete idiots, even been called so by Ben and Max.
  • Blukic and Driba's constant bickering is reminiscent of how Ben and Gwen from the original series.
  • Galvan Prime was more than happy to let Earth's Plumber Base keep Blukic and Driba.[12]
  • Driba and Blukic were named by T.J. Collins.[DJW 5]
  • Driba and Blukic were based on the classic cartoon archetype inspired by Abbot & Costello and Laurel & Hardy.[DJW 6]


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