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Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray is the twenty-fourth episode of Ben 10.


Grandpa Max and Gwen walk out of the Rust Bucket, seeming to be at a local swamp in Florida. Max tells Gwen that Gator-fest is starting the next day and it'll be crowded with people. Gwen is disgusted by the foggy, dark, and dreary environment. She walks around the RV to find Ben fiddling with the Omnitrix with a screwdriver. Ben says that he needs to figure out how to unlock more secrets of the Omnitrix - thinking that he could unlock more aliens, as he's done before, although Gwen warns him about how dangerous it might be. Max tells him to promise not to tweak around with it again. As usual, he won’t listen and continues prying until he pulls the face-plate right off of the Omnitrix, although its face starts to rotate in different directions and electrical sparks fly out. A blinding green light comes out of the Omnitrix.

Ben sits on the floor after the flash. He looks at the top of the Omnitrix, and the shape appears to be twisted. Max and Gwen head out of the RV curious about the flash. Ben hides it by saying that the flash came from lightning. His alibi was weak, as Gwen clarifies that there's not a cloud in the sky, though he continues to hide it. Max tells the two of them to forget about it and head to bed. However, the glowing green ground where the face-plate of the Omnitrix landed on started to react strangely and tentacles spawn out of the swampy soil.

The next day, Ben heads out of the RV. He looks back inside through the window and around the RV. He stretches the gum he was chewing and rings it around the Omnitrix face-plate, then replaces it to where it belongs, hoping that the device would be fixed up. Gwen suspects Ben’s actions, although Ben thought of an insult to cover up his doings. Before they argue more, they see the festivities of Gator-fest set up. They enter the festival, while a pair of huge eyes look out from the swamp water.

It had a lot to offer: from toys to games, food and refreshments, novelties and collectables, most of the things are alligator-themed. A man picks out strange worms from his bucket and shows it to a friend, Larry. The worms had mutated to have the appearance of Stinkfly, although they had no wings and no extra limbs.

People are gathered to see the hatching of newborn crocodiles and alligators. The Tennysons decide to join in. The hatch-lings come out of their shells and head into the water, and everyone cheers. Gwen appears to enjoy the sight of these cute creatures. Suddenly, the three babies head out of the water and hide in nearby grass, which puzzles Ben. They soon discover that they were running from the gigantic mutant frog belonging to Dr. Animo, who isn't far behind. The mutant frog attacks the crowd with its tongue but the crowd avoids injury. However, it caused the Omnitrix to lose the emblem's face-plate again. Ben didn’t seem to notice that it fell off. Right there, Animo was in front of him, this time, wearing giant, metal, gorilla-like arms and red goggles. He tells Ben how it's easy to track him and his family with his aliens always helping where they can. He orders his mutant frog to attack Ben. Ben was able to avoid his attack, and he prepares the Omnitrix. As Ben pushes the plate-less face of the Omnitrix back down, he transforms into Stink Arms, a mix of Four Arms and Stinkfly. Ben gleams that this must've been cause by the face-plate coming off.

Stink Arms wasn't able to carry the weight of the mutant frog. He couldn't fly either due to his massive size. The only choice was to avoid the frog. The alligators and crocodiles notice Stink Arms and try to snap at him, thinking that he's something to be eaten. Stink Arms grabs a nearby novelty alligator and hit the mutant frog towards Animo, and Animo notices something on the ground. He finds that the Omnitrix’s face-plate is able to mutate DNA, and the small crab shows him that when it transformed with Stinkfly’s eyes and wings. Instead of continuing the fight, he leaves with the face-plate. Stink Arms reverts back into Ben and he notices that the face-plate is gone.

At an abandoned observatory in the heart of the swamp, far from any city lights, Animo inserts the face of the Omnitrix into a giant device. It appeared to be something he was working with for quite some time. He tests it on a bat, and in a giant flash, he knows that his ray is functioning the way he designed it to.

The Tennysons ride down the swamp river. Ben wants Gwen to get the gloating that she was right over with. She says that she has no clue about what he's blathering on about in an attempt to annoy him, which works. A loud roar distracts them from behind. It appeared to be the bat Animo experimented with, and this time, it had the appearance of Heatblast, called Heatbat. Ben readies to transform into an alien hybrid, although Max seems that it isn’t a good idea at the moment. With no choice, Ben transforms into Diamond Matter, a hybrid of Diamondhead and Grey Matter. Heatbat grabs Diamond Matter and drops him into the water. And then a crocodile surfaces until Max tells Diamond Matter that something is behind him before a crocodile eats him, although he was able to get spat out, thanks to his Diamondhead ability to sharpen his body. Heatbat heads back to their boat, though Max was able to splash water into it. It flies away, and Diamond Matter thinks it must be heading back to Animo.

Animo's latest minion

The Tennysons find themselves at the old observatory, and inside, they find the giant ray that Animo had built. Out of nowhere, the mutant frog jumps onto their boat, smashing it into pieces. Animo tells them that he'll put the Omnitrix’s face-plate's DNA to good use. He explains that he plans to create a new world filled with life mutated from the DNA of the Omnitrix, by pointing the ray’s signal into a nearby satellite, thus delivering it all over Earth. To test his hypothesis, he points the Transmodulator towards Ben. He inserts his giant robotic appendages into the device and activates it. The flash of light heads towards Ben, but Max pushes him out of the way, though he ends up being struck, becoming mutated with Stinkfly’s DNA, resulting in him turning into a maggot version of Stinkfly.

Animo seems to be satisfied with the result, though he follows the standards of scientific experimentation. He points at Ben again, and Ben was able to dodge the blast, though the giant frog and the Heatbat surround him. Again, Ben activates the Omnitrix, though he ends up transforming into Heat Jaws, a hybrid of Heatblast and Ripjaws. The combination was the worst possible. He attempts to shoot fire at Animo, but fails. Animo shoots the ray at Heat Jaws, though, being an Omnitrix alien, it doesn’t affect him. Instead of modifying his DNA, Animo decides to end Heat Jaws's life instead. He orders his pets to get rid of him. Heat Jaws was able to bring Heatbat down into the water and the frog to let go of him, but is suffering with water.

Max's mutated form

Gwen runs up the stairs and Animo aims the ray at her. She was fast enough to get away from his attack, though Heatbat was able to survive, even when it was in the water for a time. It attacks her, though she finds a way to get into the ray machine. Luckily enough, the doorway was too small for Heatbat to enter. Heat Jaws continues to suffer, as the mutant frog comes out of the water to fight. The mutant frog was able to dodge Heat Jaws’s fire blast, but was taken down the second attempt, sending them both into water. Heat Jaws defeated the mutant frog and defeated Heatbat by shooting steamed water at it, up through the depths he's in.

Gwen tries to find the Omnitrix part, just as Animo was ready to activate the ray. Heat Jaws delays the activation, Animo attempts to do it again. This time, the ray doesn't turn on, and Gwen comes out to show him that she took back the Omnitrix face-plate. Animo heads up to get it back from her, but Heat Jaws was able to take him down and knock him out as he falls onto the hard floor beneath the ray.

Heat Jaws heads to mutant Max, and he's extremely disappointed how everything has turned out. Gwen finds that Heat Jaws has progressed, claiming his mistake since the beginning. She heads back into the ray and tells Heat Jaws to fire it up. It reverses the effect and Max changes back to normal, although he wonders why he has a craving for rotten eggs and sewer water. Gwen explained that she put the Omnitrix face in backwards, and hoped that it would reverse the mutation. Just as the Omnitrix was ready to time out, Heat Jaws tells Gwen to throw him the face. He places it on his Omnitrix's emblem, and as he reverts back to being Ben it bonds with the Omnitrix, setting it and the glitch back to normal. Gwen and Ben head down the ray and Gwen shouts "I TOLD YOU SO!", and Ben admits that she was in the right all along.

In the RV, and on the TV, Gwen watches Animo being taken into custody by the police. Gwen thinks that Ben has learned his lesson, though he’s in the back with a screwdriver joking around about rigging the Omnitrix so he can turn into alien combinations by choice as they drive away through the swamp.

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Heat Jaws: Heatblast and Ripjaws? Not the best combo.

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(Ben transforms into Stink Arms)
Grandpa Max: Ben, you're--
Gwen: Stink Arms?
Stink Arms: Four Arms and Stinkfly's body? Must be another new alien. Now I can fly and kick butt at the same time. Cool!
(Dr. Animo's giant frog attacks him; Stink Arms attempts to carry it)
Stink Arms: Either you gained weight since last time, or I'm not as strong as I used to be. Aah! (gets crushed by the giant frog)

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(Ben transforms into Diamond Matter)
Diamond Matter: Oh, man! Diamondhead and Grey Matter? I'm a razor-sharp hood ornament.

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(after Max changes back)
Max Tennyson: Why do I have this strange craving for rotten eggs and sewer water?

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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Croatian Dr. Animo i mutacijska zraka Doctor Animo and the Mutant Ray
Dutch Dokter Animo en de mutante straal Doctor Animo and the Mutant Ray
French Docteur Animo et le rayon mutant Doctor Animo and the Mutant Ray
German Dr. Animos Experiment Dr. Animo's Experiment
Hungarian Dr. Animo és a mutáns sugár Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray
Portuguese (Br) Dr. Animal e o Raio Mutante Dr. Animal and the Mutant Ray
Spanish (HA) Dr. Animo y el Rayo Mutante Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray
Spanish (Spain) Doctor Animo y Su Rayo Mutador Doctor Animo and his Mutator Ray


Voice Actor Role(s)
Tara Strong Ben Tennyson
Meagan Smith Gwen Tennyson
Paul Eiding Max Tennyson
Dee Bradley Baker Stink Arms
Steve Blum Heat Jaws
Jim Ward Diamond Matter
Dwight Schultz Dr. Animo


  • The real world equivalent to Gator-fest is held in Anahuac, Texas, however the episode describes the weather as "Floridian", setting the trio's stop in Florida.
  • Animo's plan is similar to that of Zs'Skayr's in Be Afraid of the Dark, which also involved turning everyone in the world into mutants with a satellite.
  • The online game DNA Lab was based on this episode.
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