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Double Negative is a chapter book created and published by Scholastic and based on Ben 10: Alien Force.


Ben's been acting a little funny lately. Suddenly, he's acing all his math and physics tests, and he's a little too into his chili-cheese fries. Gwen and Kevin don't think much of it - teenagers are just weird sometimes, especially teenage boys - until they catch him sneaking around Plumbers' headquarters at night.

Turns out an imposter has taken Ben's place, and it's none other than Albedo, Ben's evil alter ego. Albedo has tried to steal the Omnitrix before - and failed. But this time is different. Someone powerful is backing him. And if Albedo knows what happened to the real Ben - and the real Omnitrix - he's not telling...[merch 1]


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Major Events[]

Character Debuts[]

  • Clithe



Aliens Used[]



  • Wildmutt's name is misspelled as "WildMutt".
  • The Vulpimancer prisoner is described as an amphibious creature with webbed feet and bulbous eyeballs on top of its arched head, entirely contradicting the canon depiction of the species.
  • The Vulpimancer language is translated by the Omnitrix even though the language was previously stated to be untranslatable.
  • Kevin's legs are stated to be made of an unknown alien substance, although they are actually made of wood.
  • The Techadon robots are capable of intelligent speech in the book despite being silent in the series.
  • Vilgax is said to be unaware of the Omnitrix's dependence on Primus despite the book taking place sometime after Con of Rath (as evidenced by Ben having access to Rath) and by extension, after Ghost Town, where Vilgax learned about Primus from Zs'Skayr off-screen.
  • The Volaticus biopsis are referred to as Apis Metalifera.




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