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Dora Flora is a Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the original series), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 26 of the series.


Max takes Ben and Gwen to visit his friend 'Mathieu' on a trip down the Louisiana Bayou. While talking about the damage done by Hurricane Katrina, Mathieu mentions of a swamp creature having been warding off tourists, which peaks Ben's interests despite Mathieu's insistence that it was a hoax.

The next night; Ben, Gwen, and Max are cautiously searching the swamp for the creature. Gwen finds a missing poster of a child; 'Dora Wrightson' to which Ben speculates her being eaten. Soon after the three are startled by the swamp monster, growling and having come crashing out of the foliage towards them.

Ben transforms himself into Heatblast, blasting the creature -who has begun muttering the phrase 'Dora Flora' to itself- but instead setting off the methane in the air of the bayou. After distinguishing the fires by absorbing the heat, Ben switches transformations to Stinkfly, despite Gwen's suggestion for Ripjaws.

The creature soon after incapacitates Stinkfly with a fistful of slime, grounding him, before shortly wandering off back into the depths of the swamp. Ben de-transforms, disappointed in his letting of the creature escape, while Gwen angrily tries to relay to Ben the importance of listening, and as such tells them of the missing girl's name 'Dora' to having had some importance to the mutterings of the creature; 'Dora Flora'.

As they're talking, a Professor -revealing himself to be the missing girl's father- is walking through the forest putting up the missing flyers. There, he reveals to the three Tennysons, that he's a botanist working on the effect of the hurricane's aftermath on the swamp's plants. Ben and Gwen explain to him that the creature sightings may be in fact his daughter- mutated from playing around with his chemicals, while distracted from her father not listening or paying her attention.

Later, after splitting back up, the Professor has concocted an antidote for the Tennysons to give to his daughter. Ben -having been warned of her approach by Gwen- is able to subdue and eventually communicate with Dora as Wildvine. There, he's able to give her the antidote and have them both de-transform back into their human selves.

The three reunite Dora with her father, who happily offer for them to stay for dinner, and Ben and Gwen mutually decide to not listen to Max's comment about turtle soup cuisine.



Aliens Used


  • The 'swamp creature' could be referencing a number of pop culture monsters such as 'Man Thing', 'Swamp Thing', or 'The Creature from the Black Lagoon'.


  • Ben transforms from Heatblast to Stinkfly instantly, when at this point in the series, he would need to wait for the Omnitrix's cool-down.
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