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The Door To Anywhere is a large stone magical door that can only be opened with magic. Gwen described the door as being the nexus of mystical crossroads.

As ruler of Legerdomain, Charmcaster says the door is hers and as such she can change the true name of Ledgerdomain whenever she wants making it almost impossible for anybody but her to open it. Gwen described what Charmcaster did as the magical equivalent of changing the door's locks.

Charmcaster put an enchantment on the door so the true name of Legerdomain changes every few seconds. However, Gwen stole a spellbook from Hex that kept a record of whatever the true name of Ledgerdomain was at that moment. Using the spellbook and a prediction decryptive algorithm she made on her laptop Gwen was able to know what the true name of Legerdomain was going to be when it'd change again.



By speaking the true name of the place to which the person wants to go, they can step through the door and be magically transported there. The door can be summoned by the use of a gateway spell, "Esporow Via Esprolixas Capti Capters Few Sonmow Lenton Oway On Respicklas Lokis Lusses Via Astendus Ocultes Ienwuar", in Gwen's Spellbook.


In Where the Magic Happens, Aggregor used the door to enter Ledgerdomain and steal the third piece of the Map of Infinity.

In Enemy of My Frenemy, Gwen, Kevin, and Ben traveled to Ledgerdomain via the Door to Anywhere to rescue Charmcaster from Addwaitya only to discover Charmcaster as the new ruler of Ledgerdomain.

In Couple's Retreat, Darkstar stole Gwen's Spellbook and used it to summon the Door to Anywhere in an attempt to enter Ledgerdomain. However, he fails in getting the door open, but Charmcaster decides to let him in anyway in an attempt to relieve herself of the boredom she's endured since she took over Ledgerdomain. After Darkstar's good looks return to him as his body absorbs the mana in Ledgerdomain, Charmcaster becomes spellbound with him and for a short while Charmcaster and Darkstar teamed up to destroy Ben, Gwen, and Kevin. However, Charmcaster later threw Darkstar out of Ledgerdomain and changed the name of Ledgerdomain again so he couldn't come back after she realized Darkstar didn't love her; he just loved the power that she gave him.


  • Aggregor has never heard of the Door to Anywhere, which explains why he did not use it to travel to the Forge of Creation.[DM 1]
  • The Door to Anywhere is similar to the Anyway Door from the Doraemon Franchise.
    • It is also similar to the Spiral Door from the online game Wizard101, there are key differences though:
      • The Spiral Door appears as a normal-sized wooden door, rather than an exceptionally large stone door.
      • The Spiral Door requires a Spiral Key (a magic key that can open the door to any world, though there are numerous keys, as each key permits access to one world and only that world) in order to be used, rather than the true name of the world.


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