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Ben 10 Alien Force: Doom Dimension, is a story of which consists of 2 Manga comic books. This Written by Peter David and illustrated by Dan Hipp.


Part 1

Fifteen-year-old superhero Ben 10 and his friends arrive on the scene of an interstellar wreck only to find the fearsome Forever Knights, a secret society dedicated to stealing alien technology for its own dark ends.

While the Knights seize a new gizmo from the smashup, Ben is blasted along with Aztak, the pilot of the downed spacecraft into an alternate world: the Fourth Dimension.

Now Ben's stuck in a strange new realm with an alien bounty hunter who just happens to be hunting for him! Ben Tennyson is wanted far and wide for the vaunted Omnitrix that transforms him instantly into any number of amazing and ultra deadly creatures.

Worse yet, the gadget the Forever Knights stole from Aztak's spaceship is a ticking time bomb. Ben must now escape the trap of time, elude Aztak, and find the nefarious Knights before the object blows all living matter within four miles to smithereens!

Part 2

When we last left Ben and the bounty hunter Aztak, they were trapped in the fourth dimension. Thinking Ben was dead, Gwen’s alien half was fueled by her anger and together she and Kevin went after the party they blamed: the Forever Knights. This volume features Ben trying to return to his friends as Aztak tried to convince him to leave with him.




  • Aztak
  • The Forever Knights

Omnitrix aliens