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The Dominus Librium is an ancient artifact believed to be of alien origin. It has the power to absorb the power of others.


Alien Force

It was hidden on a remote island, protected by a gauntlet of traps and stone monsters, but Kevin and Darkstar were able to steal it and escape. They both used it to remove their powers and mutated appearances. Afterwards, Darkstar stole the artifact from Kevin and fled.

Darkstar used the Dominus Librium on Gwen, stealing her energy and magic. The Librium also took the powers of Swampfire as well.

While the energies of Gwen and Swampfire were being absorbed, Kevin grabbed a hold of the artifact, which caused it to overload and explode, breaking into three pieces, the two larger pieces on the other end (which were presumably destroyed by Kevin), and the smaller piece with a face on it that was attached to Darkstar's clothing. After the Librium was destroyed, Darkstar's and Kevin's forms reverted to their mutated appearance and regained their powers.

Ultimate Alien

Darkstar was revealed to have kept the "face" fragment of the Dominus Librium after it was destroyed, though it was no longer useful unless given a powerful energy surge. Therefore, Cooper and Darkstar worked together to build a machine to revert Ultimate Kevin back to his original form. Once that was done, Darkstar betrayed Ben and took advantage of this moment, absorbing all the powers that was taken in by the Dominus Librium. However, Ben anticipated this plot all along and made a contingency for it, hitting a button which canceled out Darkstar's newfound power, and all the abilities were returned to their rightful owners, also bringing about the resurrection of the five Andromeda Aliens.

Powers and Abilities

It was originally used to cancel out the super powers of two individuals. This would be done by having the two beings hold each side of the Librium and have their energy/power cancel each other's out.


The Dominus Librium is known to be very sensitive when absorbing the powers of others.


Alien Force

Season 3

Ultimate Alien

Season 2


The name comes from the Latin word domine, meaning "lord", and librium, as in equilibrium, the "sense of balance", thus the intended meaning is "Lord of Balance."

It should be noted, however, that librium is the genitive of liber, the word for book, thus a more accurate translation of Dominus Librium is actually "Dominion of books."


  • The Dominus Librium was used by Darkstar to replace his original power, giving him a more advanced and better version.
  • It will work on any lifeform, as shown in the episode in which it debuted.
  • The Dominus Librium resembles the fused shadows in The Legend of Zelda series, more specifically the Twilight Princess. It also resembles the headgear of the character Midna in the same game.
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