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Dodecahedron "Dody" Vreedle is one of many of Ma Vreedle's perfect Pretty Boy Vreedle clones and only one to have been given a geometrically based name like his older brothers.


Dodecahedron Vreedle wears the same outfit as all the Vreedles, with a black and red sailor outfit accompanied by a hat with a yellow sash adorning it. Dodecahedron is quite fat with a steady gaze and blond curly hair, and he always walks around with a big orange lollipop in his hands.

In Vreedlemania, Dodecahedron's appearance changes drastically after he is given a name. His hair is neatly cut, leaving it still somewhat long and apparently now straight. He is now wearing an orange-red cap with green-lensed glasses, and a new outfit consisting of a yellow T-shirt and a red jumpsuit with the red letter "D" woven into a red fabric patched to it. Wears delicate black shoes.


Dodecahedron Vreedle being still a child by Vreedle standards, he appears not to be very expert, not even knowing how to speak smart words or at least complete sentences (even though the grown Vreedles are similar to him). Contradicting this, when Dodecahedron saves his brothers from the fury of Kickin Hawk, he turns out to be smart enough to quickly analyze the situation and take effective action to save them. Dodecahedron loves sweets and especially the affection of Ma Vreedle who loves to pamper him with the other Cute Little Dogs, and with that he shows despise his other siblings (Octagoon and Rhomboid), at least until the end of O Mother, Where Art Thou? where he shows a little respect for them.


Ultimate Alien

Dodecahedron makes his debut in The Mother of All Vreedles, where he is favored over his two older brothers. Ma Vreedle came to Earth in order to claim all the saltwater and create 3-400 billion clones of Pretty Boy. She successfully cloned it several times before the Octagon and Rectangle betrayed and arrested her. Cute Rhomboid clones were taken to a space orphanage by Magister Patelliday.


After Octagon and Rhomboid failed again and their Ma was disappointed to see them for not living up to being real criminals, he was taken by his big brothers during dinner time and selected to help them with their criminal mischief. He defeated Rook and Kickin Hawk by throwing his lollipop like a boomerang and hitting the candy store sign above them.

He has a good memory, mentioning Ma's bomb missile to his brothers. He loves his brothers, as he shared his lollipop with them.

Ben's mother suggested he be named "Dodecahedron", which he responded with the nickname "Dody" with approval while smacking his big brothers with his lollipop again.

Powers and Abilities

He has some agility with his lollipop to fight throwing it like a frisbee.


Like all Vreedles, he is dim-witted and easily distracted.


Ultimate Alien

Season 3


Season 4

Season 7


A dodecahedron is a 12-sided three-dimensional geometric shape.


  • He is the first Pretty Boy to be named.
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