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The Docile Dragon is a dragon that appeared in Shhh!


The Docile Dragon resembles a typical dragon that is often found in stories. It has a brownish-grey belly with grey skin and black spikes on its back. It has red wings with tiny holes in them, and the wing bones are greyish-black. It has two spikes on the top of its head. Its eye color is yellow and the color of the insides of its nostrils are orange. It has sharp claws on its feet which are the same color as its skin. It also has a long tail that mostly has the same color as its skin, except for the bottom of it, which has the same color as its belly. It also has a pink tongue shaped like a curvy V.


The Docile Dragon is a very aggressive creature. The only thing that would keep it tame is silence.


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Powers and Abilities

The Docile Dragon can breathe fire, like a traditional dragon. It is also big and has enhanced strength. Its teeth are also very sharp, and can fly.


When its aura is soothed, it goes to sleep. It also can't easily break out when there is a large amount of diamonds covering it.


Ben 10

  • Shhh! (first appearence)
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