Divided We Stand is the forty-first episode of Ben 10.

Original Airdate

July 19, 2007


On a trip at the beach, Ben discovers a new alien form, named "Ditto". Ben discovers Ditto's power, the ability is he can make his own clones, and Ditto can multiply himself anytime. Ben was playing a bit with the Ditto form, when a giant mutated seagull from Dr. Animo appears. It tries to snatch Ben and it succesfully snatches one Ditto and takes him to a sunken ship. Dr. Animo tells Ben's clone that he wants to have the Omnitrix aliens DNA so that he can copy it to his mutated animals.

Back in the beach, the Ditto's Omnitrix insigna beeps and they transform back to Three Bens, The First is Confident and watches Sumo Slammers on his Ipod, The Second is Romance getting attracted to Kai Green, and The Third is Arrogant and Stubborn, and there is another Ben that Whiny and is far from the other Ben, until the other Ben is Close to the other Bens.

The other Ben Clone is taken to Dr.Animo's Lab in the sunken ship in the middle of the sea. Gwen, the other 3 Bens, and Grandpa Max tried to find the other Ben and bring it back. They work together until they found Dr. Animo's Ship. The Ben Clone in Dr. Animo's lab was using Dr.Animo's Big Animal to get out from the lab, but still, Dr.Animo has the Ben clone's DNA of Ditto.But when the Ben clones get Closer, Dr. Animo shows his Stinkflies (he Gets the DNA from the Omnitrix) Dr. Animo Attacks them, and flees from the area, The Bens transform into Stinkfly, XLR8, Upchuck, and Wildmutt, the Tow Machine streches Stinkfly's wings and Confident Ben got hurt. Fortunately, Gwen stops the Tow Machine using her magic. Romance Ben then hi-jack a machine and sucessfully shuts the machines down (his time is running out).

The Bens seem to be not quite satisfied yet, they all transforms back into Ditto to defeat Dr. Animo's Stinkflies and Dr.Animo by multiplying himself into lots of Dittos, thus defeating Dr. Animo and Dr. Animo is captured by the police.

Major events

  • Ben first transforms into Ditto.
  • Dr. Animo wants revenge on Ben and uses Ditto's DNA to get revenge.

Omnitrix alien debuts



Aliens used


  • Saphirius Expectorium Perpetua: creates a sustain whirlwind in air to propel the caster in air or acts as a makeshift shield (used by Gwen)

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