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Dirty Dobs is an illegal racer who appeared in Need for Speed.


Dirty Dobs wears blue overalls, brown fingerless gloves, and a white shirt. He has black hair and a shaved beard. The inner sides of his head are bald. He also has hairy arms.


Dirty Dobs is literally and figuratively a dirty racer. He likes to bully other people and make fun of them. He also doesn't seem to care about hygiene, as he is so dirty that flies fly around him.


Dirty Dobs makes his first appearance in Need for Speed, when he is called by Lagrange to participate in the illegal race he was organizing in Yellowstone National Park. Lagrange thanks him for reaching out to him and the other competitors.

In this meeting they give him a map so that he knows what the route of the race is and before Vin Ethanol's complaints, Dobs makes fun of him.

When everyone is ready, Dobs gets in his car and gets ready for the competition. This car has a big drill and huge wheels. Lagrange gives the order to start and Dirty Dobs buries himself underground just by starting the run and then comes out, possibly to show off his ability to move underground.

Mel Malachi pushes Dirty Dobs so he forces him to go over a bridge where there were many civilians. Before hurting anyone, Dirty Dobs enters the earth. When they reach the geysers, Dirty Dobs takes advantage of the terrain and surfaces behind Vin Ethanol to knock him off balance and cause him to have an accident to put him out of the race.

When the remaining competitors reach the next stage, Dirty Dobs taunts LaGrange and LaGrange gets upset, so he starts showing off his racing skills and drives ahead, then facing Dobs and the Malachis' and driving backwards.

When LaGrange is in this position, he launches two missiles from his car. The missiles hit Dobs and the Malachi's cars, and later Dobs' missile explodes, knocking him out of the race.

Finally, it is seen that the park rangers Birdie and his partner managed to arrest Dirty Dobs and the other competitors, including LaGrange, who was defeated by Ben transformed into Overflow.


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