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Digby Dairy

Digby Dairy is a factory that makes Ben's favorite ice cream. 


This was where the Mummy was digging Corrodium in the episode Under Wraps when it was found by Max, Gwen and Ben. The main fight between them and the Mummy took place in this ice cream factory, which culminated with the trio burying the Thep Khufan.

This factory later appeared in the episode The Return where the Mummy was found and dug up by the Werewolf before being teleported by Viktor.

Notable Staff

  • Security Guard - The Security Guard is a lazy one and he sleeps most of the time. He was mutated for a short period by the Corrodium and was restored back to normal thanks to the effort of Ben, Gwen and Max.

Notable Visitors


Ben 10

Season 3

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