Diamondhead is the Omnitrix/Ultimatrix's DNA sample of a Petrosapien from Petropia


Diamondhead re


Diamondhead oficial

Alternate Counterparts (within Reboot Continuity)


Kevin 11


Alternate Counterparts (within Classic Continuity)

Ben 10,000

Gwen 10 (What If?)

Gwen 10 Timeline

Mad Timeline

RAT Timeline

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  • Is Chromastone's race connected with Diamondhead's?

    3 messages
    • Oh I just found out that Petrosapiens and Crystalsapiens live (or lived because the planet was destroyed by Vilgax) in the same planet called Petropia
    • You should watch 'The Secret Of Chromastone' from Alien Force.
  • What is Diamondhead made out of?

    6 messages
    • Diamondhead is also stronger than diamonds so what in outer space is stronger than diamonds?Tadenite is.
    • I don't think Diamondhead is made out of Taydenite, otherwise there would be a hell lot more people hunting him. Even bits of that thing ...
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