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  • 10 most powerful omnitrix aliens

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    • 1_Alien x 2_Atomix 3_Clockwork 4_Waybig/Ultimate waybig 5_Gravattack 6_Humungosour/Ultimate 7_NRG 8_Frankenstrike 9_Ultimate spidermon…
    • 1-Alien X 2-Atomix 3-NRG 4-Way Big/Ultimate Way Big 5-The Worst 6-Whampire 7-ClockWork ...
  • Humungousaur vs Diamondhead

    7 messages
    • There's really nothing that would make training humungousaur useful. Ben can already perform his own human moves as humungousaur - …
    • diamondhead for sure! he is super durable and strong!:)