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Diamond Matter is the combination of Diamondhead and Grey Matter's DNA. He cannot be accessed unless the faceplate of the Omnitrix is broken or by using the Biomnitrix.


Diamond Matter is slightly bigger than Grey Matter.

Diamond Matter had Diamondhead's crystalline skin, as well as the spikes on his back and head.

Diamond Matter had Grey Matter's eyes and mouth.

Diamond Matter wore a uniform that was white with black cuffs on the left and black with white cuffs on the right, and wore the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Diamond Matter3

Diamond Matter shooting crystal shards

Diamond Matter had Diamondhead's ability to alter the shape of his limbs, but his strength is reduced by Grey Matter's size. However, Grey Matter's super intelligence allowed him to shoot diamond shards with excellent precision.


Ben 10

  • In Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray, Diamond Matter battled Heatbat and briefly got eaten, then thrown up by an alligator. He then sliced his way through some swamp trees to clear the gang's airboat's path until he reverted.


Ben 10

Season 2

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Russian Алмаз и Гуманоид From алмаз, diamond and и and, гуманоид, humanoid
Spanish (HA) Diamante Gris From gris, grey; and diamante, diamond.


Diamond Matter's name is a combination of Diamondhead and Grey Matter.


  • Diamond Matter's voice is similar to Diamondhead's in the original series.
  • Diamond Matter is the only one of the Original Series Fusion Alien Forms Ben used in Dr. Animo and the Mutant Ray that did not have the Omnitrix Symbol placed in the same place as one of the Alien Forms used in the fusion instead it is placed on the center of his chest this might be for 2 reasons.
    • The Omnitrix Symbol might not have been able to be placed the same way as it is on either of the Alien Forms used in the fusion.
      • It probably could not be placed on his left shoulder like Diamondhead because the Omnitrix symbol was too big for his shoulder.
      • It probably could not be placed on his back like Grey Matter's because of him having the same crystals on his back just like Diamondhead.
    • The placement of the Omnitrix Symbol on Diamond Matter might have been a compromise placement based on how it is placed on both Diamondhead and Grey Matter.
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