Detrovites are extremely strong in Melee Combat and are one of the most treacherous aliens in the Galaxy. Detrovites can shoot bolts of gas and can create fiery lines on the ground. They can slam and crush nearly anything. They appear in the game Ben 10: Protector of Earth where they appear as Vilgax's Minions. They are very hard to defeat and only have one weakness, combination attacks as seen in "Grudge Match." In addition, detrovites, like Vulkanus, have extreme durability as seen in Con of Rath, as Rath had to beat on Vulkanus before being defeated. In reality some Detrovites are tiny creatures who wear robotic suits like Vulcanus without the robotic suit pictured below, but Technorg had a full body excluding his hammer arm.

Vulkanus AF tiny

Vulkanus without his robotic suit

Their home planet is the planet Vulcan, which is also the name of the roman god of smithery. It also sounds like "volcano," which may be a reference to Detrovites resistance to heat.


Notable Detrovites


  • It seems that detrovites can be hired as mercenaries considering Vulkanus worked for Sixsix and Zombozo and many Detrovites appeared working for Vilgax in Ben 10 Protector Of Earth.
  • Technorg is the first-and could be the only-Detrovite to be huge in size (as big as a Tetramand to be exact).
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