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Detrovites[1][2] are a species from an unknown planet.[note 1]


Detrovites are large muscular humanoids with orange skin, teeth exposed on the outside of lipless jaws, yellow eyes, and two horns on their jaw.

Only male Detrovites have been seen, so it is unknown what female Detrovites look like.

Powers and Abilities[]

Detrovites' bodies are naturally resistant to extreme elements and impacts of all kinds. They are particularly resistant to heat, as they can survive the 850+ degree temperature of their home planet[4][5] and easily bathe in lava.[2] Their bodies can also easily withstand crushing pressures, from being a mile underwater[6] or in the vacuum of space.[2] Vulkanus even managed to survive a direct explosion from a small shard of Element X (though at the cost of being reduced to just a head).[6]

Detrovites have superhuman strength, being able to fight on-par with Tetramands and crack the ground with one slam.[2]

Using their strong legs, Detrovites can leap considerably high up.[7][6]

Detrovites don't need to breathe, as evidenced by Vulkanus both standing in outer space[2] and talking underwater.[6]

Detrovites have sharp teeth and sharp spikes on their chin.


Detrovites can have difficulty with having their movement restricted by being frozen, as shown when Vulkanus gets encased in cooled molten iron[2] and the ice breath of either a Necrofriggian[8] or an Evolved Necrofriggian.[9]

Detrovites can be trapped in an Arachnichimp's webbing, as also demonstrated by Vulkanus.[5]


Ancient Detrovites used energy manipulation tools to break down their food. Some of those implements are older than Earth's Solar System.[10][11]

Detrovites create great navigational systems, one of which existed within the Proto-TRUK.[12]

Notable Detrovites[]


  • Detrovites live on a very hot planet, as "it's over 850 degrees on a cold day".[14][5]
  • In the Original Series, Vulkanus' body was the way it seemed.[DJ 1] However, during Alien Force, Dwayne McDuffie claimed that Vulkanus has always been small[DM 1] and wore flesh-colored prosthesis in the Original Series.[DM 2] This was changed in Omniverse, as he was originally large and muscular like the rest of his kind, until his fight with Ben lead him to being caught in an Element X-induced explosion. Vulkanus survived, but his body was destroyed, leading him to be put into a regeneration suit until he finally grows to full size.[6]


  1. The Detrovites' home planet was first mentioned in Inferno, which aired on September 18, 2009, without being named. The name Vulcan was first added to the wiki to Vulkanus' page on January 10, 2010 by a user named Dee Jetray, then to Technorg's page on March 14, 2010 by Linkmadara. A page for Vulcan was created by an anonymous user on May 29, 2010. Finally, the name was added to the Detrovite page on January 18, 2011 by Ckbassist. No source for the name was provided in any of these instances. Vulcan was later listed as Vulkanus', and by extension, the Detrovites' home planet on the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Wild Truth DVD, which was released in 2012.[merch 1] However, as the name was never said in the show, nor had the crew ever acknowledged it, this wiki does not consider Vulcan to be the Detrovites' home planet.[3]


Crew Statements[]

Dave Johnson[]

Dwayne McDuffie[]


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