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Decka's species are an alien species who appear in Alien Force.


This species has red/brown fur with a dark pink tummy and muzzle, and white hair around their heads. They also have yellow eyes. They are the size of an average human toddler and look like an odd fusion of a rabbit and a goat.

In their primal form, they are much larger and more muscular.


While in their primal forms, if they consume enough meat or gain enough energy they will reproduce into one hundred identical copies.

Powers and Abilities

This species seems to be pretty strong, about 15 of them could lift and throw a silo, while about 20 could lift a house, but in their primal form, they are a lot stronger and more durable.

When popcorn is eaten, they give out gold poop. However, they give out unstable uranium that explodes whenever anything touches it when they are in their primal form.

In their primal form, they have the ability to absorb energy.



Decka's Primal Form

For health reasons, this species cannot eat meat, silicon, heavy metals, lanthanides, fluorine, or chicken nuggets. Eating meat will turn them into their primal forms and make them lose control of themselves. While eating silicon makes them sick where they will become nauseous.

Notable Members

  • Orb
  • Decka
  • Popcorn Festival Members
  • Unknown (the Omnitrix's DNA sample of this species)


  • In the past, the species traveled to Mars, which was referred as "The Popcorn Planet" by Orb. However, an incident occurred when at least one member of their species ingested meat and made them go primal, leading to the devastation of Mars.
    • It's most likely Decka's species cause the extinction of the Martians.
  • Decka's Species resembles Chip from the Sonic series
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