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Decimus Prime is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Cybertronian from the planet Cybertron. He is exclusive to Ben Prime's dimension.[note 1]


Decimus is a large green robotic humanoid. He has white fingers, two rods sticking out of his back as well as tires on his shoulders and legs. A large Omnitrix logo on his chest, with the real one in the middle.

Powers and Abilities

Decimus is able to transform into a car that allows him to drive at high speeds.

Decimus has some type of energy melee weapon.[DJW 2]

Because he is not a natural lifeform, Decimus does not have a natural predator.[DJW 3] For example, Archa 7 spiders are not considered a natural predator to Cybetronians.[DJW 4]

Because he does not breathe oxygen, Decimus Prime can survive in the vacuum of space.


Decimus is vulnerable to unnatural uberpredators, such as Unicron and Primacron.[DJW 3]

Decimus can be possessed by Ectonurites.[DJW 5]

Decimus is vulnerable to having his body dismantled by a Planchaküle.[DJW 6]


Upgrade's mecha form in OTTO Motives

  • Decimus Prime's artwork was made on a livestream with Derrick J. Wyatt and dyemooch in 2020 as a nod to Derrick's work on Transformers: Animated.
    • Decimus' robot mode is a recolor of the mecha form Upgrade assumed while merged with Kevin's car during OTTO Motives.
    • Decimus' vehicle mode is a recolor of a background car in various episodes of Transformers: Animated.[DJW 7]
  • Decimus Prime has been confirmed to not be a Triple Changer because of how it can drive Cybertronians within the realm of Animated mentally insane.[DJW 8]
    • Derrick previously stated this inevitability was the reason Blitzwing has three separate faces with their own personalities.
    • Decimus could probably avoid going insane from if he were to merge with a Galvanic Mechamorph and be upgraded into a Triple Changer.[DJW 9]
  • Unlike Upchuck, Ben cannot transform into two different variants of Decimus Prime.[DJW 10]
  • In the Transformers franchise, Vector Prime speculates that the Malgus cluster of universes may have interacted with the Ben 10 universe at some time.[1]


  1. The transformation, being created by Art Director Derrick J. Wyatt long after the series ended, is non-canon and unofficial. Derrick considers Decimus in particular a "What If" situation unless a crossover could ever actually happen, which are no more than "imaginary stories" until they do.[DJW 1]


Derrick J. Wyatt

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