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Dark Matter is the AntiTrix's DNA sample of a mutant Galvan from the planet Galvan Prime.


Dark Matter is a red skinned, frog/demon-like, bipedal alien that is significantly taller than Grey Matter, rivaling Four Arms in height. His limbs and fingers are long and slender, with his fingers having claws. Unlike Grey Matter's feet, he has two front toes and one back toe on each foot, which are also pointy. He has large glowing red eyes with minus-shaped pupils, seeming to lack the black outlines other Galvans have. On his head are two horn-like growths. He wears a grey vest over a black sleeve-less jumpsuit with two black stripes going around the middle of his chest.

Dark Matter wears the AntiTrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Due to Kevin's modifications to the AntiTrix, Dark Matter has unique abilities that ordinary Galvan do not possess. For example, he has enhanced strength, as shown when he kicked Four Arms and nearly knocked him over.

Dark Matter can shoot dark red fireballs from his hands that encase enemies in a red crystal-like substance.[1]

Dark Matter can secrete a dark red substance[2] that is actually his cerebrospinal fluid, which he can harden into a plaque and manipulate.[DR 1]


Dark Matter's larger size makes him easier to hit than a standard Galvan.

Due to Kevin's alterations to the AntiTrix, Dark Matter is too powerful for the inexperienced Kevin to currently utilize to the fullest.


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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Russian Черная дыра From черная дыра, black hole
Turkish Karanlık madde From Dark matter


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