DNAliens are 1/2 any alien species 1/2 Xenocytes who serve the Highbreed despite their racism (or, rather, speciesism). They often use ID Masks that can make them look human. They thrive on cold weather, so fire damages them beyond repair. A DNAlien was showed as a new alien for Ben in Ultimate Alien, however Dwayne has confirmed DNAliens are hybrids, not a species, so they are not in the Codon Stream.


Ben 10: Alien Force

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

  • Simian Says (first reapperance of Human type) (first apperance of Arachnichimp type)


DNAliens are created when a Xenocyte bonds with a host and is forcibly turned it into a DNAlien, as explained by one in which the DNAlien half of the parasite controls the host half because the host half is "repulsive" to them. These parasites were going to be shipped off in large trucks, possibly all over Earth, but were destroyed thanks to the efforts of Jetray, Gwen, Kevin, and Gwen's brother, Ken.
  • Ken DNA

    Ken almost transformed to DNAlien

    One example of these parasites is when Ken was forcefully turned into an almost-complete DNAlien and when Ben tried to remove it, he somehow entered the Omnitrix, which asked Ben for the option to remove the "severe genetic damage" caused by the Xenocyte and is completely removed by the Omnitrix.
  • In Inside Man, Tyler is transformed into a DNAlien but somehow resisted the "DNAlien programming"; so he looked like a DNAlien, but possessed his own mind (even though he was confused in the beginning). Ben, Gwen, and Kevin rescue Tyler from the DNAliens who wanted to reprogram him. Ben then transforms Tyler back into a human.
  • Ben and his team turned the DNAliens back into humans using the Omnitrix and a weapon that has the same effect created by Cooper.
  • As seen in Ben 10: Alien Force: The Video Game, Xenocytes can merge with other species. However, they are unable to attach to Crystalsapiens and Petrosapiens. It is unknown if they have an effect on a more mechanical species, such as a Galvanic Mechamorph but they can merge with hybrids like Kevin.


Type and Picture Info
Human DNAliensDNAlien

Human DNAliens have yellow humanoid bodies with black hands and feet with a Xenocyte like head.

Human DNAliens have enhanced strength and a goo spit.

Pyronite DNAliensPyronitednalien

Pyronite DNAliens have a dark yellow body with black hands and feet with a flaming head.

Pyronite DNAliens have Pyronite pyrokinesis.

Pyronite DNAliens are only seen in Ben 10: Alien Force The Video Game.

Vulpimancer DNAliensVulpimancerdnalien

Vulpimancer DNAliens have dark orange bodies with black feet and a black back and a visible brain.

Vulpimancer DNAliens have the Vulpimancer ability to shoot quills.

Vulpimancer DNAliens are only seen in Ben 10: Alien Force The Video Game.

Florauna DNAliens

Florauna DNAliens have Florauna chlorokinesis.

Florauna DNAliens are only seen in Ben 10: Alien Force The Video Game.

Human/Osmosian DNAliens

Human/Osmosian DNAlien

Human/Osmosian DNAliens are the result of a Xenocyte merging with a Human/Osmosian hybrid.

Human/Osmosian DNAliens have yellow humanoid bodies with black hands and feet with a Xenocyte like head.

Human/Osmosian DNAliens have the Osmosian abilities to absorb matter and energy and have a goo spit.

Human/Osmosian DNAliens are only seen in Ben 10: Alien Force The Video Game.

Null Guardian DNAliens

Null Guardian DNAliens have flight and Null Guardian ability to fire lasers.

Null Guardian DNAliens are only seen in Ben 10: Alien Force The Video Game.

Arachnichimp DNAliensBaby Arachnichimp DNAlienArachnichimp DNAlien

Arachnichimp DNAliens have yellow Arachnichimp shaped bodies with black hands and feet, tail and a Xenocyte-like head.

They have enhanced agility and a goo spit.

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