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You know... I forgot how much fun it is to be the bad guy.

– DNAlien Kevin to Ben.

DNAlien Kevin is the mutation Kevin went through in the Alien Force video game.


Much of Kevin's design resembled his original appearance, but a considerable portion was covered by the DNAlien body structure.

The surface of his human body changed when absorbing materials, be it metal, wood or stone.


After having his mind warped by the Xenocite, Kevin became cocky and cruel. He claimed he didn't need Ben's help and he'd never felt better, followed by him saying that he had forgotten how much fun it was to be the bad guy.

After curing him, Kevin was unaware of what had transpired and Ben informed him he'd become anti-social, angry and had a Xenocite attached to his face, and that now that he was back to normal, he was just anti-social and angry, to which Kevin simply replied "Nice".


Xenocites attack Kevin

Kevin is swarmed by Xenocites

When looking for the Gorvan on his own, Kevin was attacked by multiple Xenocites, turning him into a DNAlien.

When Ben went after him, he encountered Kevin halfway in the process of turning into a DNAlien (similar to what happened to Ken). The two fought and Ben managed to win and cure Kevin, though Kevin was left weakened and had to return with Gwen, leaving Ben to face Gorvan alone.

Powers and Abilities[]

DNAlien Kevin Metal

Kevin after absorbing metal

Kevin retained his Osmosian powers and was able to absorb metal, wood or rock during his fight with Ben, though interestingly, when absorbing matter, the DNAlien part of his body didn't become covered in any of the substances he absorbed, only his human part. Depending on what material he absorbed, he could become immune to one of Ben's aliens, such as becoming immune to Big Chill's freezing attacks by absorbing wood.

He obtained enhanced strength and durability, able to fight off and harm Ben's alien forms, as well as able to shoot the slime spit DNAliens use, despite having not developed a DNAlien mouth yet.

However, once he no longer had any matter to absorb, Ben easily defeated him.


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