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We are the DNAliens! And we will destroy you all!

– A DNAlien to Swampfire.[1]

DNAliens are hybrid entities created by the Highbreed using Xenocites. As they are hybrids (of sapient species with a non-sapient species), they are not a species.[ES 1]


DNAliens share a similar posture to a host's species yet have beige skin with black hands and feet similar to a Highbreed's and a Xenocite-like head.

These attributes are caused as a result of a Xenocite attaching itself to a host's face and overwriting their original DNA with the Xenocite's own code like a virus.


Though the DNAlien transformation process can take hours, that does not prevent the host's mind from being corrupted. Once the host is completely turned, the resulting DNAliens become nameless and (ostensibly) faceless;[merch 1] serving the Highbreed's campaign as fully obedient minions, fulfilling roles such as workers and soldiers.


The DNAlien half of the parasite controls the host half because the host half is "repulsive" to them. These parasites were going to be shipped off in large trucks and delivered for miles all around in order for the Highbreed to amass an army, but were destroyed thanks to the efforts of Jetray, Gwen, Kevin, and Ken.

One example of these parasites is when Ken was forcefully turned into an almost-complete DNAlien and when Ben tried to remove it, he somehow entered the Omnitrix, which asked Ben for the option to remove the "severe genetic damage" caused by the Xenocite and it is completely removed by the Omnitrix.

In Inside Man, Tyler is transformed into a DNAlien but somehow resisted the "DNAlien programming". Though he was physically a DNAlien, he retained his own mind and free will (even though he was confused in the beginning). Ben, Gwen, and Kevin rescued Tyler from the DNAliens who wanted to reprogram him and cured him.

Ben and his team turned the DNAliens back into humans using the Omnitrix and a special weapon that has the same effect created by Cooper.


Human DNAliens have light brown humanoid bodies with black hands and feet with a Xenocite-like head.

Human DNAliens have enhanced strength and can spit slime.

Arachnichimp DNAlien

Arachnichimp DNAliens have light brown Arachnichimp-shaped bodies with black hands and feet, tail and a Xenocite-like head.

Arachnichimp DNAliens have enhanced agility and can spit slime, but lack their ability to shoot webs.

Powers and Abilities[]

DNAliens are best known for trapping their victims by coughing up balls of a sticky yellow slime-like resin from their mouths. This resign can harden relatively quickly and is almost unbreakable when solidified.[2][merch 2] They can also spit out slime while disguised as Humans.[3]

DNAliens can expose tentacles from their chests, these tentacles are prehensile and can lift heavy objects.[2]

DNAliens have enhanced strength, being able to easily crush a truck side mirror and launch Chromastone a far distance. DNAliens can also have enhanced jumping.[4]

DNAliens have enhanced durability, as demonstrated when several of them fought Humungousaur.[5]

Like their masters, DNAliens thrive in cold weather.[6][3]

DNAliens are good at handling technology, such as laser guns, to shoot down their foes.

DNAliens can speak both in English and in their own language.


DNAliens often use ID Masks that can make them appear as humans.


DNAliens can be reverted to normal by DNA repair devices.[4][7][8]

Human DNAliens are sensitive to high-frequency sounds.[9]

DNAliens are weak to fire.[10] DNAliens can also be frozen within ice.[3][11]

If the Xenocite's host has strong enough willpower, they can resist commands or completely take control of their body again.[4]


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Ben 10: Alien Force[]

Although humans are the Xenocites' ideal host, other variants of Xenocite managed to bond with species ranging from humanoid to other elemental or animalistic creatures, utilizing their natural abilities that differ from the DNAliens' typical slimy spit and tentacles.


Pyronite DNAliens have a dark yellow rocky body with black hands and feet. Their fire emanates from a mask-like head with hollow, gaping mouths.

Pyronite DNAliens retain their pyrokinetic abilities in close combat and can spit flaming slime balls.

Unlike other DNAlien types, they are immune to fire and heat.

Pyronite DNAliens are only seen on the console version of Alien Force.

Vulpimancer DNAliens have dark orange bodies with black feet and a black back. They have a visible brain as well as quills.

Vulpimancer DNAliens retain their sharp claws and teeth, and have the ability to shoot projectile quills.

Vulpimancer DNAliens are the only variation to be featured on both console and DS versions of Alien Force.

DNAlien Kevin Profile

Osmosian DNAliens have yellow humanoid bodies with black hands and feet with a Xenocite-like head.

Osmosian DNAliens have the ability to absorb matter and energy.

Only one Osmosian DNAlien has been seen: when a Xenocite possessed Kevin Levin, in the console version of Alien Force.

Florauna DNAlien

Florauna DNAliens look similar to how they normally do, though the DNAlien beige has covered their entire body, shoulder eyes, and outer sides of their trap. Their hands and forearms are black, and their purple tentacle-like innards are located in their stomach region, which runs thinly up to their head and inside their trap, turning it purple. Their vine legs are longer and unaffected by the change in colour.

Florauna DNAliens have chlorokinesis, and can send green vines with purple barbs to tunnel through the walls and ground. They can also form a solid wall of vines. Florauna DNAliens can also throw green seed pods, which explode into smoke. They are empowered by nearby Xenocite pods, and weakened if the pods are destroyed.

Only one Florauna DNAlien is seen: as a boss fought on the DS version of Alien Force.

Null Guardian DNAliens can fly and fire lasers.

Null Guardian DNAliens are only seen on the DS version of 'Alien Force.


  • As they are not an independent species, DNAliens are not present in any Omnitrix database, though they were temporarily sampled in Max Out.
  • People who used to be DNAliens do not remember being DNAliens.[DM 1] However, this appears to be because they black out when controlled, as Tyler and Mizaru, who retained control of themselves, did remember their time as DNAliens.[4][8]
  • Though they must bond to either the males or females of a species, DNAliens themselves are asexual.[DM 2]
  • DNAliens are visually based on plants.[DM 3]
  • DNAliens do not have a hivemind. They must simply obey any order from any Highbreed.[DM 3]
  • Because their origin was largely unknown, nobody knew why the DNAliens swore their allegiance to the Highbreed.[merch 1]
    • Some believed it was because they revered and worshipped whomever was the very first race of intelligent beings in the history of the universe.[merch 1]
    • Others believed that the Highbreed had some kind of leverage over the DNAliens.[merch 1]
  • DNAliens were Glen Murakami and Dwayne McDuffie's idea.[DM 4]
  • DNAliens were designed by Glenn Wong based on concept art by Glen Murakami and Eric Canete,[EC 1][EC 2] with color styling by Chris Hooten.[GW 1]
  • The crew had plans to show some non-human DNAliens in Alien Force, but they ran out of room.[DM 5]


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