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DNA Pods are containers which hold the DNA present in the Omnitrix.


The DNA Pods are responsible for holding all the DNA samples inside of the Omnitrix, ten of which can be accessed at a time, unless the setting is turned off.[DR 1] A separate chamber holds all of the DNA pods that are inactive.[1] However, these pods can activated temporarily.[2]

Known DNA


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DNA pods concept art

  • Only 10 DNA Pods are available in the Omnitrix's loading chamber. If more than 10 forcefully active then the Omnitrix starts malfunctioning, causing rapid changing in transformations.
  • Although the Omnitrix does not have enough room to contain the DNA samples of every sapient race in the universe,[DR 2] every canon alien confirmed to have been catalogued in the prototype Omnitrix from the Classic Timeline is present in this Omnitrix.[DR 3][DR 4][DR 5]
    • As such, every alien created for the Reboot exists in the Classic Timeline.[DR 6][DR 7]
  • While the DNA of aliens such as Ampfibian, NRG, and Kickin Hawk are currently not available in the Omnitrix, Duncan Rouleau believes that they will "get added later".[DR 8]
  • The Omnitrix is keyed to the user's DNA, so only close relatives can use the pods.[3][1]
  • The Galvanic Mechamorph pod was destroyed when Ben used Upgrade to reboot the watch's systems. A massive feedback loop ravaged the in-system matrix, destroying the Mechamorph DNA pod.
  • Blank pods within the Omnitrix are able to read DNA, and create new pods.[4]
    • Ben was able to use parts of a destroyed Fulmini soldier to create a new DNA pod.
  • The pods can be affected by a Fulmini pod, which gives the alien's Fulmini armor.
  • Concept art of the DNA pods first hinted at the existence of Vulpimancers, Opticoids, and Piscciss Volanns in the Reboot Timeline.
  • In Ben Gen 10, the Galvan and Florauna DNA pods can be seen in the loading chamber when Rex Salazar removes his nanites from Omnitrix.
    • Their presence in the loading chamber may have something to do with the fact that aliens that have frequently been used by Ben were used as templates for Hex's army.


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