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DJ Zenut is an antagonist faced by Ben and his family, who's in control of alien technology making him able to 'zombify' people to his will. His first and only appearance is in the comic Techno Zombies, published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series, issue 11.


DJ Zenut appears as a spike-y, long black haired human male, wearing a blue and red cap, baggy trousers and an orange vest over top of his green T-shirt. His vest includes a red graphic in it's centre -a rotated cross with a hole in its middle, with smoothed arcs making up the edges. Along with this he sports black strands of facial hair, and wears a single black band on his right wrist.

His general aesthetic appears to be based on Disk Jockeys of the late 90's and early 2000's.


An unknown time prior to the events of the story Techno Zombies, DJ Zenut takes over a small town, known for its usual 'Shakespeare Festival', using alien technology to mind control them through musical signals being sent through headphones, turning them into his 'zombies'.

When Ben, Gwen, and their grandpa Max are travelling to Portland, Oregon, they travel through the town, with Gwen and Max being 'zombified' by the civilians making them wear DJ Zenut's headphones. Ben is able to avoid the townspeople, and tracks down DJ Zenut, who is operating out of a storm cellar.

Here, Zenut monologues to the zombified Tennysons (with Ben spying in on them) about his intentions to boost his low frequency to no longer require headphones, and for him to take control of the globe. Ben puts a stop to this by transforming into Upgrade, and taking control of his equipment, in his words "eating" the music. A powerless DJ Zenut is then arrested by the local authorities, presumably facing repercussions for his crimes.

It is not given a reason why DJ Zenut often uses outdated slang to punctuate his speech, though this could be seen as an indicator for what alternative culture he is apart of. For example he uses the word "funky" and the phrase "check it".

Powers and Abilities

DJ Zenut has access to alien technology allowing him to 'possess' people through headphone-like controllers.

Zenut was almost able to control people without the need for headphones, and on a potentially global scale, however was prevented by the Tennysons.




The DJ in his name refers to the occupation of 'Disk Jockey', relating to his abilities and aesthetic.

It is unclear what "Zenut" refers to, or whether it is meant to be capitalized as "ZeNut" or "Zenut". The pronunciation may be intended to invoke a French, German, or inexact European accent, as to English speakers, these translation for word "the" are often imitated as being "Ze" or "Zee".


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