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Cyber Squids are a species from the planet Encephalonus IV.


Cyber Squids are mechanical squid-like creatures. They possess six mechanical tentacles with flexible ribbed joints; two of the tentacles have mechanical claws on the ends. On the bottom of their bodies are mechanical parrot-like beaks. They have glassy, glowing cyan heads with white lines that represent circuitry. Below the head is what appears to be a purple eye.


At a unknown point in time, a ship carrying Cyber Squids crash landed into the Bermuda Triangle and were subsequently responsible for the area's infamous reputation for missing planes and ships.

Eccentric billionaire hotelier Donovan GrandSmith tried to build an under water hotel in the Triangle using underwater volcanic vents. When that failed, he explored the wrecked ships of the Bermuda and stumbled across the Cyber Squids' energy core.

In They Lurk Below, Donovan, alongside his grandson Eddie GrandSmith, invited his old friend Max Tennyson and his grand kids Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson to his latest creation. The Squids pick this occasion to attack the hotel to try and get their energy core back, and soon found more then they could handle in the form of Ben and his alien forms, particularly Ripjaws who proves adept at underwater combat.

With the realization that if the Squids get their core back they will continue to sink ship after ship potentially costing thousands of lives. Ben, Gwen and Eddie make their way into the core of the hotel where they reverse the polarity on the core, causing it to self destruct before Ben utilizes Upgrade and a submarine to evacuate the hotel.

Video Games

Vilgax Attacks

Syber Squid

Cyber Squid in Vilgax Attacks

They also appear as enemies in the video game Vilgax Attacks where they fight Ben on their homeworld of Encephalonus IV.

In the Vilgax Attacks Timeline, their color scheme has changed from grey and cyan to reddish orange and aqua. Their tentacles are shorter and their heads are stubbier. On top of their head is a reddish orange antenna.

Power Splash

They also appeared in the online video game Power Splash.

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