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Crystalsapiens are a crystalline alien species from the planet Petropia.


Crystalsapiens are silicon-based lifeforms made of highly durable crystal. Most of their bodies are covered in a protective silicon-based rock, while the exposed crystal is magenta. They have purple bodies, legs and arms with several black lines and dots on them. They also sport magenta shards all over their body: six on their back, two on their chest and one on top of their small, purple head, resembling a horn. They also have one large, cyclopean eye.


There is a legend that the Crystalsapien home planet is Mor' Otesi, but this is not true.[DM 1]

The only Crystalsapien in existence is Sugilite (not counting Chromastone), the guardian of Petropia, the homeworld of the Petrosapiens, who lives on Petropia with them.[DM 2]

Powers and Abilities

Crystalsapiens have the ability to allow many types of energy, such as lasers, electricity, mana,[1][2][3] and radiation[MW 1] to phase through their bodies without harm.

Crystalsapiens can absorb and channel energy into ultraviolet beams powerful enough to melt through a truck trailer[4] and destroy an entire turret.[5] They can fire these beams from either their hands or from the nine shards on their body and can project these beams as either energy blasts or projectiles.

Crystalsapiens can control the intensity of their energy attacks, and the amount of power their ultraviolet beams have depends on how powerful the energy from an opponent's attack is. For instance, when the Dragon attacked Chromastone with its powerful fire blast, the latter absorbed it and subdued the Dragon with a powerful wave of ultraviolet energy.[6] Similarly, when Gwen gave Chromastone a large amount of mana for him to absorb, he was able to shoot powerful energy blasts at Dagon.[3]

Crystalsapiens are able to allow energy attacks to simply bounce off their body instead of absorbing them.[7]

Crystalsapiens can free themselves from mana force fields simply by touching them (absorbing the mana).[2] They can also produce energy shields of their own for extra defense.[3]

Crystalsapiens can use their energy to dissolve an Arachnichimp's webs should they be ensnared by them.[8]

As well as being immune to electricity, Crystalsapiens can also conduct it back at the attacker, as seen when Lucy attacked Chromastone with an electric cable.[9]

Crystalsapiens can project a beam of light from their hands for illumination purposes.[4] Because of the light they generate, Crystalsapiens are immune to being possessed by Ectonurites.[DJW 1]

Crystalsapiens can shoot their energy blasts without absorbing anything, but only to a limited extent.[3]

Crystalsapiens are capable of jumping exceptionally high.[10]

Crystalsapiens possess enhanced durability thanks to very dense and crystalline skin,[merchandise 1] which allows them to withstand being thrown against several vehicles at once.[7]

Crystalsapiens possess enhanced strength, allowing them to overpower stronger opponents with their bare hands.[7] Technically speaking, they are physically stronger than Methanosians.[DM 3]

Crystalsapiens are capable of flight,[11] and can leave behind an ultraviolet energy trail while flying.[12]

Due to them being made of silicon-based crystals, Crystalsapiens are immune to a Xenocite merging with them.[4]

Crystalsapiens can survive in the vacuum of space, as demonstrated by Sugilite when he was traveling to what was left of Petropia.[13]

If a big enough light source were to shine through them, Crystalsapiens can create a big, beautiful rainbow in the sky.[DJW 2]


Crystalsapiens are not immune to energy, as they can be harmed by it if they are caught off-guard, or by electrified water.[14]

Crystalsapiens can be shattered by extreme force.[1]

Crystalsapiens can be controlled by Vladats via their Corrupturas.[DJW 3]

Crystalsapiens have a limit to how much energy they can absorb at once, as Chromastone once tried to absorb all the mana energy of Charmcaster's machine but was overwhelmed to the point of almost crumbling apart.[12]

In addition to Crystalsapiens having a limit to how much mana they can absorb, they also cannot absorb the energy released by an Annihilargh because they would be instantly disintegrated if they tried.[DJW 4]

Magic can harm Crystalsapiens, as shown when Chromastone was incapacitated by two of Gwen's spells.[2]

A Crystalsapien's ultraviolet beams are ineffective against Vilgax's sword[1] and the extra-dimensional field of the Contumelia's machine.[15] They can also be absorbed by a Conductoid.[DJW 5]

Despite their enhanced strength, there is a limit to how strong Crystalsapiens are, as seen when Chromastone failed to punch through the Contumelia's machine's extra-dimensional barrier.[15] Technically speaking, Crystalsapiens are physically weaker than Vaxasaurians.[DM 3]

Crystalsapiens cannot absorb gooey substances, such as the plasma generated by members of Ball Weevil's species.[DJW 6]

Notable Crystalsapiens

Notable Crystalsapien Hybrids


Crystalsapien is a combination of "crystal" and "sapien" which means "intelligent being made of crystal".


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